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I was very impressed with Dr. Sanboorn,,I went to his seminar and made an appointment with him. I went to all the appointments I was required to go to, paid my $150 dollars for the classes, but I can not get an answer about if I am going to be approved for the surgery, every time I call I am told my chart is on his desk, unless my chart keeps getting put on the bottom of the pile, I should have an answer by now. Just tell me yes or no, and why. This has been going on for over 6 weeks, they just say as soon as he lets us know we will let you know.

Sept. 5, 2014


I LOVE this doctor. I cannot say enough good things about him. he is caring, wonderful bedside manner, and to say the least he really cares for his patients. I had a difficult surgery band conversion to RNY and he was so great my surgery was way more difficult than he expected and he was so great about visiting me daily multiple times, kept me in the hospital until he was sure I was okay, when I had some issues afterwards do to some swelling he stuck by my side and even had the x ray techs call him there to be there when I had my tests. Dr. Sanborn is my angel and may have saved my life from band gone bad. If you are considering having surgery and live in this area he is the best hands down and I would go to him all over if I had the choice again. Thanks to Dr. Sanborn two thumbs up five stars all the way!!! Also, his staff is great. Kathy with the lifestyle center gave me her cell phone number and does not mind if you call her with questions or to vent. Thank you to Dr. Sanborn and staff!

Feb. 10, 2013


I was nervous to meet him because I was orginally scheduled with another Surgeon but after he deployed I was sent to Dr.Sanborn. Now, I only had a chance to meet him 2 weeks prior to me surgery so I'm glad he made a good impression! :)
The office staff is great and very supportive! The Post-Op care is wonderful.
I would give Dr. S a very high two thumbs up for his work and attitude.
Dr. Sanborn is wonderful! He was very informitive and helpful! I am now Week 3 out from my surgery and despite feeling weak, the incisions are healing very nicely! Couldn't have asked for a better Surgery!

Feb. 16, 2010


Awesome surgeon. He and his staff are informative and helpful. Very good about answering questions and making sure you know what is happening and how to stay current with what you need to do.

I had a painless and easy and experience thanks to him and those who work with him. Thoroughly pleased with all of it!

Feb. 6, 2009


Wow...Dr.Sanborn. I was impressed by him before I ever even took sight of him. the buzz that surrounds him is well earned and before my consult with him I had already dozens of fantastic things about him. I have yet to hear one bad thing about him from anyone. His staff respects him and his patients love him. He is so capable and so skilled and above all else, he has terrific bedside manner and really takes an interest in his patients. He's a caring guy and a superior surgeon. We are so lucky to have him here on Fort Campbell. It seems like Blanchfield's quality of care is so weak, but Dr. Sanborn restored my faith in the hospital, even if only the Surgical Clinic. Thank you Dr. Sanborn, for being the person you are and really, truly changing lives every single day; in and out of the operating room.

Oct. 14, 2008


Doctor sanborn seems like a very personable person. I had no trouble discussing anything with him. I was not sure what procedure would really work for me and we talked about my options. I have given it a very serious thought and have decided to get the Vertical sleeve Gastrectomy done. His office staff is runned by the military. I especially enjoyed talking with shelly, she is very supportive and offered her help and advice on anything. I have been trying to quit smoking and she really put things in perspective for me. Getting back to Dr. Sanborn because i am a new patient i really havent gotten the full impression of him yet. I am pleased with him and believe he will be a great Doctor to have on my side.

Oct. 8, 2008


Dr. Sanborn is young and appears competent. I think he's done a lot of these procedures! rnHis office staff is great. I really like Nurse Shelley and Nurse Sandra too, the young lady that makes appts is professional and gorgeous! rn I like least that I haven't had time to really get to know him. rnDr. Sanborn and his staff have a support group and education classes. The information is there, you've just got to go get it!rnYes, there's support group and Nurse Sandra and Nurse Shelley.rnI will talk to him on 8/12 to discuss everything one more time!rnSo far a 10!rnBoth appear to be great!

Aug. 6, 2008


Dr. Sanborn is an AMAZING physician. I was initially scheduled with another surgeon and in the military you pretty much have to take what you can get. Due to some unforseen circumstances, Dr. Sanborn took my case. He was remarkably caring and understanding and truly seemed to care right from the start. He went out of his way to do my surgery on a week when he had not planned to do any RNYs. When I had difficulty adjusting to luquid medication after the procedure, he was right there to help me through it which truly inspired confidence. I'd recommend him to anyone in the military community. I just hope the Army can hold onto him. We need to keep the great ones!

June 2, 2008


I love Dr. Sanborn and his nurse Sandra they are so great. Dr Sanborn is caring and Sandra you can't ask for a more caring nurse. You feel like she means what she says. That you are her client forever and she will be there for any question you might have. So far so good.

Dec. 15, 2007


Chris Sanborn and his staff are the most professional and easy going, they ensure each and every patient are put first and are educated in every aspect of their surgery. The Bariatric Nurse Sandra is the most outstanding supporter She attends and conducts a bi Monthly RNY support Group meeting and interacts with each of us on a personal and professional level. We love her and she interns gives us the tools to love our RNY . But without fail we all ended up loving her.rnSandra and Chris are the YENG and YANG that make a surgical team successful. Too bad we can't share them with the rest of the world. The Army has them for now.

Nov. 21, 2007

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