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Darin Minkin Bariatric Surgeon M.D.
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DO NOT GET LAP BAND SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Minkin is a very good bariatric surgeon and a good doctor.
However my experience is they herd as many fat people into a room and try and talk you into lap band surgery. They do this because bariatric surgery is a business and they make the most money off of the lap band and also it has the least amount of risk for the doctor and the hospital. Remember people this is a business and they are in this business to make money. Plus lap band has adjustments with it and the doctor and hospital make money every time you have to have an adjustment, but the truth is this surgery does not work over the long term. Ask them to show you at least 100 people that have lost 100lbs or more and kept it off for more than 5 years. They will not be able to show you that they may show you one person out of thosands if they are lucky. They will tell you the numbers are the same for lap band as they are for gastric bypass or gastric sleve but they are not. Look on the internet they should not even be performing this surgery anymore, it is outdated and does not work, but they sucker people into it everyday and make money and that is why they keep doing it.

March 28, 2018


Dr. Minkin was absolutely wonderful! I am five weeks post-op and very pleased with the results. I am so happy in my new life!!!

Feb. 14, 2015


I'm 12 days out of surgery and am really pleased. My stay at Des Peres hospital was really good, great nurses, great interns, private room, quality care! It really was my best stay in a hospital. If any complaint is possible, it would be that they were over attentive.

I couldn't be happier with my surgeon, Dr. Minkin, either. He's good! He has a great group of surgeons and interns supporting him and I believe he did a fantastic job.

As for his office staff-ehh-lets just say I'm glad I didn't get a band and have to schedule fills and adjustments with them.

I'm very happy and glad with my choice to have WLS VGS with Dr Minkin.

Oct. 8, 2010


Dr. Minkin lead the seminar last week. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions. I have my first consulation March 2nd and I'm very excited to begin my journey.rnrnrnDr, Minkin is GREAT! He is so patient and addresses ALL of my questions (which seem like thousands, so far). He's kind and compassionate. His office has been great, too. They rushed my paperwork through to insurance, knowing that I was in a time crunch. I am so thankful!

March 27, 2009


I first met Dr. Minkin when I needed Hernia Surgery. He was very thorough, compassionate, and understanding. His facilities are first-rate and the after-care I received from the hospital following my hernia surgery was better than I had ever experienced before. I am sure my Lap Band surgery will be no different. Knowing Dr. Minkin and Des Peres Hospital are on my side takes a lot of the worry out of my decision.

May 12, 2007

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