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Bariatric Surgeon
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David Richards Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.
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My surgeon,Dr. David Richards is no longer in the Toledo area. Toledo's Loss!! He was and remains an excellent surgeon he is now in Arizona.

Jan. 13, 2003


1st impression: Patient, didn't rush, knowledgeable, opinionated, will only allow a max of 3 weeks off work after lap.
Staff: kind but frustrating, set appt. to see doctor, received followup letter with different date, arrived per letter, was not on appt. books. Told several times about support group but never given dates. Rigid requirements.
Future Patients: He is leaving Toledo in July and moving to AZ
Aftercare: Has dietician he relies on but insurance does not cover appts. (educational)
Has a "test" and booklet describing procedures which must be filled out and returned.
2 week visit after surgery, then 3 months?
Risks: some emphasis, reassuring

May 9, 2002


Know this upfront. I researched many, many bariatric surgeons/facilities before choosing Dr. Richards. My first impression of Dr. Richards' office was that it's run like a professional medical practice - not a bariatric cattle call. His staff is calm, friendly, helpful and full of knowledge. They return calls when they say they will. They treat their patients with dignity and respect. They answer all questions as if it's the first time being asked. (no eye rolling or deep breaths inbetween responses) Dr. Richards has specific expectations for aftercare. It's a team concept with my PCP being part of the team. How wonderful! On a scale of 1-10 - Dr. Richards and his staff score one million. God sent me a gift and his name is David Richards.

March 16, 2002


very knowledgeable

it didn't

very welcoming and helpful

he took his time explaning things to me

he is easy to talk to

a great deal





Dec. 19, 2001


I love my Dr. He's very concerned about after care he has a support group and a wonderful staff.

Oct. 4, 2001


Plans changed...I am not with BTC in Ann Arbor anymore. I transferred everything to Dr. Richards in Toledo, Ohio. He has a wonderful reputation and does the proximal RNY laparascopically. This is great news...a blessing in disguise. :)
I work with about 5 people who have had the same surgery done as far as 2 years ago to as recently as yesterday (9/18---my friend, Kim Mosley). Dr. Richards and his office staff are very helpful and supportive. Great group of people

Sept. 18, 2001


Dr. Richard has done this surgery on at least 3 people that I know, all with rave reviews. So far I have only seen him once but I think he's very straightforward and a good surgeon. The nurses in the office are very thorough. His office uses a holistic approach.....dietary consults, psyche consults, etc. I have my next appt. 8-26-01 and I'm sure I'll learn more about the after care.

Aug. 19, 2001


I have only spoken with him one time but he seemed sincere and experienced.

Pleasant. I am a detailed person so I have tried to keep control over the process.

May 14, 2001

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