David S Hall

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David S Hall Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.
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24 yr Experience

24 yr in Bariatrics

16 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

3 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

100% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is 60

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My first impression was overall a good one.
It has not changed over time.
The office staff is very nice and caring. They made me feel like I had been a patient for several years with the attention they showed for all my personal details.
He seems like he does not have a good sense of humor, I use humor to ease myself in a stressful situation such as life changing surgery. While this is not nessacarily a bad thing, I was uncomfortable after making a joke that didn't go over well.
I made my choice of Dr. Hall basied on researching his history as a surgean, the ratings found on this site and the first meeting with him. All of these factors showed him to be great at what he does. This was reaffirmed by all the staff I came into contact with at two different facilities where I had my pre-op testing done and I had not even asked for the information.
His emphasize on aftercare is very strong, I received the aftercare packet before my surgery and was told to read over it 5 times and contact the office with any questions, I went through a pre surgery consult with a dietation to be sure I understood fully the lifetime diet requirements.
His office also offers a monthly group meeting for patients.
Surgery risks are covered in an orientation presentation with the doctor and a few patients, this was not rushed and questions were greatly incouraged.
I would rate Dr. Hall very high.
Both are great but surgical competence is better.

Feb. 28, 2009


Dr. Hall was very informative and straight forward. He seems pretty quite and reserved, but I have gotten that vibe from a lot of doctors. Maria, on the other hand, is my guardian angel, disguised as part of Dr. Hall's office staff! She has been a big help with the disappointments that the ins. co. keeps throwing my way. Folks...I have been at this since last August, and I'm on my second surgeon, thanks to insurance!!! Anyway...Dr. Hall is my surgeon of choice, because I do have a choice, and I feel VERY confident that I picked the right one!

June 6, 2008


I think Dr. Hall is probably one of the most informed & well trained surgeons in the DFW area. He's been doing RYN's for about 20 year and his track record speaks for itself. The original consultation was absolutely perfect and he gave every ounce of information one could ask for. He's with Barix which is a huge corperate approach to bariatric surgery. It makes sense to me. The corperate side of his establishment seemed very thorough. I met with him on a Thrusday and the next day I was being called about the status of my insurance. Now his staff on the other hand may need some work. I felt like they have yet to follow up with me thoroughly and walk me through this whole process. I dont know what the plan for aftercare is yet either...nor do I know if & when I'll meet with a nutritionist like mentioned in the consultation. I hate the fact that I have to "keep on them" to stay informed on the situation.

July 11, 2006


'I like him a lot

May 13, 2006


I had a wonderful experience! I really can't say that I'd do it any differently, or chose a different surgeon. I was very impressed with the Barix Clinic, Dr. Hall, and all of the nurses. Everything went so smooth and they took extremely good care of me!! I made sure that I did everything they asked me to do... or not to do in every circumstance, and so I believe that by doing that, I had a successful experience! I'd reccomend it to anyone!! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

April 15, 2006


Dr.Hall came into the consultation room using a cane to walk. I am wondering is it polio? Within 5 mins. listening to Dr. Hall I realize he is a very experienced surgeon. He explains the different types of surgery that he preforms and the pros and cons of each. Then together we decided which surgery was right for me. He was patient with me and my many questions. The thing that impressed me the most was when he explained the national averages on mortality and complication rates. Then he told me HIS personal mortality and complication rate. He has performed over 5000 bariactric surgeries. Dr. Hall explained that much of the success of the RNY is directly to after care, diet and excercise. So far I am confident I have selected an expeienced skilled surgeon. Oh yea, the cane, I forgot all about it, this man knows his business.

Feb. 13, 2006


February 2005-Dr Hall saw me for my two-year post op visit and was so warm and personable. He gave me useful information and did not make light of any of my concerns about not losing for nearly five months.

September 2004-Dr David Hall is now doing my followup. He is at BTC. I found him to be warm and personable on my 18 month post op visit. He was the surgeon for one of my role models (Allen Yoder). I am the very first post op patient he has seen at BTC (oops..Barix)

I have participated with Dr Capehart's support since she is most like Dr Leverton of any bariatric surgeon in Dallas. She has strong skills and offers strong support for her patients and others.

May 2004 Update-Dr Wiltse has left BTC also, which is not the worse thing in the world given his bedside manner.

2004 Update-Dr Leverton is no longer at BTC. I miss her terribly. Dr Wilte is doing my followup. I am part of Dr Capehart's and Dr Idhe's support group.

My first impression is that Dr Leverton is very bright and professional. I have strong recommendations from my friend Nick and Teena who have had her as their surgeon and I trust them.

The staff was friendly. I was delighted to see an African American nurse after seeing the confederate flags on my way into the town of Wylie,TX.

We saw Dr Leverton at the end of the day and she was obviously tired. I wonder what she is like when she is fresh. She did go a great job explaining the surgery and risks.

I was unhappy about having to get surgery clearance from a pulmonary specialist to rule out sleep apnea and a cardiologist but I appreciate Dr Leverton being so careful for her sake and mine.

Feb 24,03~ Pre Admission Testing:
Pam, Audrey, and Rebel were just wonderful. The arterial blood gas that I was so frightened of when well. Rebel from respiratory therapy did an awesome job. Dr Harris has horrible bedside manner. I wouldn't let him touch a dog. I am surprised they have someone so unfriendly and unprofessional working at BTC.

Oct. 23, 2005


My first impression of Dr. Hall was that he was kind of quiet. I still believe he is, but is a bit more outgoing than when I met him on my first visit. He is very blunt with regards to side effects and complications of surgery. His consultation lasted 4 hours, complete with a slide show. I felt that us, the audience may have been a bit intimidated since there were a few questions asked. My first followup visit was with him at at the Barix clinics in Wylie. (My surgery was in Lubbock with him and me and my friend Melissa were his last 2 cases there).

As a surgeon, I have been told that he is one of the best in the nation. He has performed thousands of weight loss surgeries. So far, I have been lucky with no complications (5 months postop) and have kept in touch with several of Dr. Hall's former patients who are doing just as well. Please email me if you want to talk more about my experience with Dr. Hall.

July 13, 2005


I met my surgeon back in November of 2004. He took quite a bit of time to answer all of my questions. I believed the interview went both ways. He asked me many questions in return. I believe he is very interested in helping those that will help themselves.

Overall everyone I have met at the Barix Clinic in Wylie Texas have been professional and have answered my many questions. They go above and beyond the call of duty.

I will add more after surgery. That will be the true test of the doctor and the staff... soon!

July 12, 2005


My first impression of Dr. Hall was that he was very easy-going and nice. He was also very knowledgeable and patient. My mother came to the consult with me and he took the time to answer our questions and provided thorough and understandable explanations. I like the MA Kaela and Cindy Bartosh, my patient counselor, as well. No one talked "at" us, they spoke directly "to" us and "with" us which made me feel more comfortable. The atmosphere was very casual and relaxed. Dr. Hall is very straightforward about what he does and doesn't expect concerning pre-op requirements, the actual surgery and its risks (and rewards), post-op complications or side-effects and aftercare aspects of WLS. He's very clear on what he wants his patients to do throughout the process and what he doesn't want them to do. Aftercare was stressed A LOT by Dr. Hall. He made it crystal clear that patient compliance can make you or break you. I had to sit in the waiting room for about 40 minutes which was exasperating after a six hour drive but overall, it was a productive and reassuring visit.

April 9, 2005

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