Jaime Ricardo Ramos Kelly Bariatric Surgeon M.D.
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yr Experience

yr in Bariatrics

yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

100% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 14

Max Age of Patient is 75

Adjustable Gastric Band

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch


Mini Gastric Bypass


and 2 more...

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    avatar Kduarte661 on May 8, 2017

    I am a very recent patient of Dr. Kelly. My husband and I both took off time to go to Mexico so i could have the gastric sleeve done and he would care for me. The first day we arrived, we went to The hospital More...

    avatar ArcticHellonHeels on Nov. 23, 2016

    Dr. Ramos Kelly and his staff were absolutely wonderful. I chose Oasis of Hope Hospital for surgery / recovery and they too were simply the best. From start to finish, I had all of my questions answered, I was never left feeling "alone" or scared in More...

    avatar AnnWelsh on Sept. 20, 2016

    Because I was asked to write a review, I am doing this. I had Bariatric surgery, Gastric Bypass February 22, 2016 with Dr. Ramos Kelly in Mexico in the hospital in Tijuana as suggested by him. I am 64, with no health complications and was More...

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