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Dr. Redman is knowledgeable, informative and kind. My husband changed his mind about the procedure due to his knowledge, professionalism and personality.As of today I am completely satisfied with my new doctor.

Dec. 17, 2010

My first impression of my doctor was great.Over time it change a little .He kindle rush up with my vists once I had my surgery.I liked his staff whenever I have a problem or pain and I call them they usually call right back and assist.I have know problem eith the staff.I don't use the aftercare program yet since i live 2 hrs away form my surgeron.He didn't address the risk of surgery that much.I would rat him at least a 8 on a scale of one through ten.

Oct. 25, 2009

Dr. Redmann is an excellent surgeon with years of bariatric experience. Dr. Redmann has an excellent bedside manner, and cares a great deal about his patients health and new lifestyle after weight loss surgery. His office staff welcomes you with open arms and understands that when we come to them for help that we have done everything possible to lose weight on our own. When I was home after surgery Dr. Redmann called me himself to find out how I was doing after surgery, which made me even more confident that I chose the right surgeon after minor confusion with my paperwork. Dr Redmann's surgical competence and bedside manner can be equally balanced as he is a very caring and kind hearted surgeon. If you ever have reason to challenge Dr. Redmann's experience to other surgeons email me, I will vouch that he is the best surgeon I have ever met. Nothing negative to say about this surgeon or any surgeon at Southern Surgical of Louisiana.

March 18, 2009

When Dr. Redman walked in the door, I knew he was the perfect surgeon for me. He walked in with a smile and very casually introduced himself but it was like I had known him forever. He went over all of the details of what my surgery (preop,during,postop) would entail. He went through my list of medications which is pretty extensive due to my chronic illness. He also made me aware that after my surgery, my medications would be cut in half because I wouldn't need certain ones anymore. That was a relief! He went over all of the benefits and risks of the surgery. He then went over the dietary guidelines for after surgery. Overall, I would have to rate him an A+. When I'm looking for a surgeon, I look for someone who is competent AND has a great bedside manner. Dr. Redman has both of those qualities.

His office staff was very friendly and helpful. I called on Monday, received a phone call from the Patient Advocate on Tuesday and was given an appointment for Wednesday. I told them I wanted to do everything NOW and they did whatever they could to get me started right away. Upon arrival to the office, I was greeted by the front office staff with a smile. They were very accomodating to all of my needs. I would recomment Surgical Specialists for anyone who is considering weight loss surgery.

Dec. 31, 1969
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