James Pilkington

Bariatric Surgeon
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James Pilkington Bariatric Surgeon M.D.
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7 yr Experience

7 yr in Bariatrics

7 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

1.5 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

2% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

24 Reviews for James Pilkington
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Dr Pilkington is a very AWSOME Dr. Very easy to talk to. Very caring. He told me all the risks of surgery. Asked me if I had any questions he answered all of them. I would rate him a 100 if I could. Great bedside manor. He came to see me all three days I was in the hosp.

July 6, 2008


'I think Dr. James Pilkington is a top notch surgeon!!!rnrnI was a little anxious about having gastric bypass surgery. My daughter had him as her surgeon

June 25, 2006


I am very pleased to be haveing Dr. Pilkington and his staff for my surgery. They are all so very caring and helpful with anything that comes along the way. I will tell anybody that ask who they should see for this should be Dr. Pilkington.

June 10, 2006


This man is amazing. His office staff are wonderful, supportive, generous, and I just am amazed at how I am treated there. Jodi and Kelly are amazing women who care as much about the patients as they do their own selves. I have never been in awe of people like this.

His P.A., Athena, is just as amazing. She took the time to come see me while I was in patient after my surgery, and I remember seeing her there. I've often seen her at different places around town with her daughter, and am just tickled to see what a wonderful Mom she is too!

Dr. Pilkington is very devoted to his patients, has a wonderful bedside manner, is focused yet has a sense of humor, and he is very structured in your planning the surgery, the preperations, the surgery itself, the post surgery care, and attentive to my needs. I believe his integrity and dedication stand above all others in this area, though I am biased. It is amazing to me that someone who would literally be the one person responsible for making those changes internally, you do the work externally and for the rest of my life. He instilled in me what I need to do to survive and though I have made mistakes, I feel comfortable telling him that I ate that one bite too much, or that I didn't chew like I should and end up being admitted.

There is a repor he has with his patients, and makes you understand everything, and won't proceed with the surgery if you don't. He took the time I needed to make sure my questions were answered, those little things that last minute pop in your head? I asked him everything I could think of, I had a notebook filled with information, and he sat down beside me and looked it over with me. He made sure I left feeling everything and I mean "EVERYTHING" was clear and answered.

I believe I was truly blessed to find this surgeon and would rate him from a 1-10, a definate 20.

He is truly someone I would recommend.

I cannot say enough about him or his staff.

April 7, 2006


He is very up front and honest about the surgery. Has a very good reputation in our area. Have never talked to any one who did not like him

Dec. 27, 2005


I had previously selected another doctor and was not aware that someone in my own back yard did the surgery.

I was having difficulty getting my questions answered and no one ever called me back so I went to interview Dr. Pilkington.

I told him that I was there to see if he was a right fit for me. He laughed and his sense of humor and caring nature came through immediately.

His staff is top notch. Never once did I have to wait for a response to my questions or have a need that went unfulfilled.

I would recommend him to ANYONE!!! He is fantastic and his skill was excellent.

April 2, 2005


Now that I have met Dr.P I think he is the best he listens and he tries to help. I think one of the things that impressed me the most was that he shows up at our group meetings and to me that means alot. He cares.His whole staff is wonderful. The aftercare program he suggests is very structured, and he puts alot of emphis on the aftercare.
He wants to help you but he wants you to help yourself even more he is just giving you the tool but he wants you to succeed and you can tell. I have nothing bad to say about him I would recommend him to anyone, to at least meet him.

He is very up front about what he thinks which I like. He has a history for this surgery that is wonderful so his surgical competance and his bedside manner are great.

March 13, 2005


Dr. Pilkington is the kind of doctor that I would recommend to anyone who wants all of the information stright. He doesn't sugar coat anything and he just lays all of the facts right there on the table and then leaves the decision up to you. He will answer any and all questions. His office staff is topnotch and very professional. They are very matter-of-fact people, just like he is. I would rate Dr. Pilkington a number 10 on a one to ten scale. He is very knowledgable in this field and has a very nice personality to go with it.

March 3, 2005


Dr.Pilkington is a great surgeon and really cares for his patients.From the initial visit trough my post op appointments I still maintain that Dr.Pilkington is truly a great surgeon. Dr.Pilkington's are all very friendly and professional and sincerly interested in what's going on with you. I along with my wife have absolutely no complaints about Dr.Pilkington or his staff. Dr.Pilkington strongly emphasizes aftercare follow ups with him the dieticition and eating right and taking whatever supplements that you need. Dr.Pilkington and his staff have a very structured aftercare program which include support groups which he encourages you strongly to attend. Dr.Pilkington is very straight forward and blunt about the risk of the surgery wich all surgeons who perform this surgery should be. I would have to rate Dr.Pilkington and his staff as one of the best that there is. Dr.Pilkington's surgical competence and beside manner are both great. Even though this site says no one can be the best in all aspects i would have to disagree and state i have had no negative experiences leading up to and after the surgery.

Feb. 19, 2005


*What was your first impression of him/her?
Dr Pilkington is GREAT!! He doesn't beat around the bush with his patients. He tells you how it is and how it needs to be, and if he feels your not a good fit for the surgery, he sends you on your way!

*How did he/she address the risks of surgery?
He never once beat around the bush. He puts it all right out there for you and even makes you explain it to him, so he knows you understand.

*How would you describe his/her office staff?
His office staff is great, Jodi is AMAZING!! She knows who you are, what your INS guidelines are, and does not waste any time in scheduling. Kelly is very informative and nurturing, a wonderful nurse for this kind of care.

*How much does he/she emphasize aftercare?
He feels that the aftercare is just as important as the pre-op care. He is there ever step of the way to answer every question. Hell he even fit me in between surgeries during non-normal office hours to check my incision...

*How would you rate him/her overall?
Overall Dr Pilkinton is awesome!! He really cares about his patients and their success with the surgery!

*Which is better, surgical competence, bedside manner, or both great?
Both! He trained under the best and has a vast knowledge of the surgery and all possible side effects. And if he doesn't know the answer to a question when you ask, he will find the answer!! His bedside manner is very gentle and nurturing. He is very easy going and puts his patients at ease.

Feb. 17, 2005

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