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John Baker Bariatric Surgeon M.D.,F.A.C.S.
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Fantastic and very thorough! So glad I had Dr. Baker. When I need my gallbladder out...I will make sure he is the one to do it!!! He is awesome and visited me 2 times in the hospital which I didn't expect! Great dr!

July 21, 2012


Dr. John Baker of Little Rock AR, is the most caring surgeon I have ever met. He truley cares about his patients! He is also a Great Surgeon!! And that is My professional Opinion as well as my experience as his patient. His Team, at the office are the Best as well !!!!!!!!

Sept. 20, 2011


My first impression of Dr. Baker was of a complete and utter control freak. I did not know what to think at the obesity surgery meeting. He stood up there and said that he would be watching for us and that if he saw us parking close at Wal-Mart, he would fire us as patients. If he opened up someone for obesity surgery and found food, he would close them up and not complete the surgery. He also stated that hot dogs were not on the soft food diet. I thought that was way too much. I went home thinking that I needed the surgery so badly to save my life that dealing with him would be a necessary evil.

I remember crying the night before I was supposed to have my final weigh in before surgery. My home scale showed I had not lost any weight and I had been on the shakes for two weeks. I just knew that he was going to cancel my surgery and I was going to die from kidney failure. I had only been drinking the shakes and I had been following an exercise plan. Whenever I weighed in, I had lost weight. This experience taught me two things: my scale at home was broken because I weighed too much for it and there were sound reasons for Dr. Baker to have the attitude that he had.

I went in for the surgery and did exactly what he told me to do. I got out of the hospital in four days and have really gained a respect for the man I once called "Dr. God." I have followed a diet and exercise plan since I got out of the hospital, symbolically on New Year's Eve. I have hit little plateaus and have definitely had struggles. I have lost 132 lbs. since I began this journey in October and I am over 100 lbs down since the surgery. Dr. Baker and his staff have been very supportive and have given me the tough love that I have needed to make it on this journey. I still have a little over 70 lbs. to go but I am optimistic and ready to complete this journey with their help.

Oct. 3, 2010


I believe Dr. Baker is the absoulte best in central Arkansas! He has years of experience and is obvioulsy very active and passionate about what he does. He has served as president of the American Bariatric Society and traveled extensively learning and teaching. So I have a lot of confidence in him.

It was very obvious that he has great attention to detail. You know that he wants things done right and he wants to do everything to ensure your success!!

I would very highly recommend him!

Aug. 23, 2010


Dr. Baker is a very good surgeon. I am a government attorney and he did not hesitate to take me on as a patient. I have not had any surgery related complications to date. I have lost 156lbs in 12 months.

Aug. 3, 2010


I first met Dr. Baker at his seminar. He was very professional, went into great detail about the different surgeries he performed...he had an awesome sucess rate and over all he gave a very good first impression. When i was finally able to wade thru all the required paperwork and blood tests and psych tests... i met Dr. Baker again at his office in Little Rock. He was very professional... stern almost...made it very clear this wasnt a quick fix and i had alot of hard work ahead of me. Aftercare was stressed very strongly, it was explained that i would need to follow through with the vitamins, ect. and the exercise to make this tool he was giving me work. I think Dr. Baker is a fantastic surgeon, and his bedside manner is just as impeccable. Overall i feel Very lucky to have had him as my surgeon.

Aug. 6, 2009

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I attended my first seminar this week, and everything is so interesting. I am looking forward to my surgery. Dr. Baker seems really supportive of his patients.rnMy sister is my initial supporter, and she also is going to have the surgery. rnI hope to find the answers to some of the questions I have on this site. (questions to be posted when I have them all in order)rnI will post more as I move along with my progress, and office visits, and get answers to more questions I have for him and the staff.

April 10, 2009


Dr. Baker is the surgeon I would highly recommend. I trusted him with my life, and would go right back to him to have the surgery again if I ever needed anything else done. He is tough, but that's because he wants you to do things his way, and if you do things his way, (which is the right way), you will love this Doctor as much as I did. He is very soft-spoken and very sweet. His smile can brighten your day, and I found it very hard at the consult to look him in the eye because as he put it in his seminar, \"You feel like the tweety bird,and I'm the sylvester!\" But after I met with him again after surgery and whe n he came to my room to do his rounds and check in, I had no problem at all looking him in his eyes and smiling.... if you don't do with Dr. Baker, you would be missiing out.rnrnDr. Baker's staff is also very professional and sweet. They do everything they can to accommodate to your needs. The nurse Addie is very sweet and really helped me to understand the surgery process better and feel comfortable.. I knew exactly what they were going to do to me in the hospital. The dietitian Courtney is very sweet and caring. She explains what you are supposed to eat before, and after surgery very well, and puts it in a nifty list... Its awesome!!! Christy,the personal contact person for Dr. Baker's office, is so precious. She helped me get everything set up, and answered all my questions thoroughly. and last but not least, the office staff is fantastic!! They could tell when I walked in to the office was nervous, and immediately calmed me down and out me at ease when I was waiting...

March 13, 2009


I loved Dr. Baker. He was very up front with my issues. He answered all my questions with kindess, and his office was very sweet. I would recommend him to anyone. If the time comes where I need plastic surgery, he will be the one I use.

Feb. 4, 2009


After hearing many things about Dr. Baker, it was good to meet he and his staff in person. I had heard from several post-op friends that Baker could be very tough in that first meeting. I found that rather than being tough, he was more frank in tone. I appreciated his directness, but I can see how to some folks this could be a bit off-putting. Overall he seems very competent and has a re-assuring confidence. I needed that! To me, surgical competence is more important that bedside manner.rnrnDr. Baker puts a lot of emphasis on the aftercare. I live 3 hours away, so this will be a bit of a challange for me. The program seems quite structured and will be ongoing for life. rnrnDr. Baker's staff was fantastic! Addie (nurse) and Courtney (dietician/nutritionist) are knowledgeable and helped me feel very welcome and comfortable. Chritsy was helpful in getting me through the insurance hoops, and making sure all the T's were crossed prior to surgery. Before meeting them, I was a a bit nervous about what kind of people I was going to go thru this life change with. I am so glad I chose Dr. Baker out of my insurance-approved drs. He will not be all things to all people, but his strengths are what I need to be comfortable.

Dec. 13, 2008

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