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Bariatric Surgeon
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Joseph E. Podany Bariatric Surgeon M.D.
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No longer in Bariatric Practice in Idaho Falls

March 4, 2008


First impression was he is really a tall big guy. He was personal, soft spoken, and spent plenty of time answering my questions. I've only met with him a few times and all have been good. In the hospital I only saw him once per day. I would have liked to have seen him more often, but recognize that he is busy. He has a well rounded program before, during, and after surgery. My recovery has been great. I was back to work after RNY lap procedure in 10 days 1/2 days and full days in 17 days. I have had little to no complications. I would rate him very high in terms of overall knowledge, experience, and care.

Oct. 11, 2006


He's been great. Very informative--explains everything. Staff is very helpful and they are always striving to keep up to date and take care of their patients. They have been responsive to questions and concerns and offer free lifetime follow up visits.

They didn't have me do a pysch evaluation or visit a nutritionist like some other doctors do (both of which was fine with me as I have done it all before) and aren't stressing a post op "diet", but they do have a support group. I live too far away to attend it, so this might be addressed there. Being 14 months out, I am living in fear of regaining the 110 pounds I have lost! I haven't addressed this with him though, so it's really not his shortcoming, but mine.

I'd rate him excellent with competence and manner equal.

Aug. 26, 2005


very easy to talk to, thorough, I have only been to see him once, have surgery date, waiting for ins. approval.

from what i have heard he is very good at after care, diet, follow-up visits (1 year included with surgery)

I was informed of risks well, I believe.

I believe surgical competence is the most important, bedside manner to a lesser degree

Aug. 8, 2004


I had actually heard negative things about Dr. Podany from a friendd of mine who works for another surgeon. When I actually met the doctor I was impressed. He made sure that I understood about the procedure and the risks. He made sure that I was fully informed before having major surgery.

The office staff was very nice, helpful and always willing to answer my questions. They worked with my insurance company and I was approved that first time around.

June 30, 2004


nice man, efficent, he didn't change,

His nurse is OK, the office people are busy.

Be direct tell him what you need and why. Ask questions
I am at 2 weeks I will see him in 6 weeks.

not really

yes completely


surgical competence, I don't like people who bother me when I am sick.

June 18, 2004


My wife and I spent over an hour with him in his office. Dr. Podany explained the proceedure and answered any questions we had. He was personable and professional.

His staff was just as great as he was. Everything was low-key to make us feel comfortable. If the rest of my experiences with them is the same I will be very pleased.

He explained the risks but due to the many times he had performed the operation he was confident in the low percentage of problems

June 20, 2002


I was very impressed with him at the beginning. He was knowledgeable about the procedure and didn't make me feel
silly or stupid over some of the questions I asked. He did have a concern about psychiatric but it was cleared
up and we went ahead with surgery. His office staff is WONDERFUL. They are extremely warm and friendly, and,
although none are overweight, "don't look down their nose at you because you might lack some
sense of self-control.

Dr. Podany has been very concerned and caring doctor. I would recommend him highly for this procedure.

His emphasis on aftercare is very effective. He stressed it highly while I was in the hospital and still
at my first appointment post-op.

He was very open about the risks of surgery and any complications that might ovccur although there
were none that aren't normal with any surgery.

He was just a great doctor all around.

Aug. 16, 2001


aI have only been to his office once but he made me feel very good about the operation He makes you feel confident that he will do his best.His nurse made me feel comfortable also.

Jan. 25, 2001


Very nice and puts you at ease
His office staff is great as well.
Very informative goes over everything you can think of. Good bedside manner also.

I highly recommend him.

Sept. 13, 2000

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