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Kerry Kole Bariatric Surgeon D.O.
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13 yr Experience

10 yr in Bariatrics

13 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

8 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

85% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is 70

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I have only seen him 3 times. Once on my initial visit, once pre-op and once post-op. He was friendly, did not seem rushed and answered my questions. No complaints.

June 29, 2013


dr. kole is an amazing surgeon. he performed my surgery 9-29-10. to this date i have loss 150 lbs. it has been a journey but when i am feeling down i can rely on him, he is encouraging and most of all truthful. he tells his patients you must exercise. so true. i as still losing weight but at a real so pace. im cool with it and the reality of gastric bypass surgery. i dont know what i would have done without him. thank you dr. kole. when i first him i was amazed. he is kindhearted and he listens with respect and answers all questions. if you want a great surgeon this is the one.

June 6, 2012


I cannot be more pleased with Dr. Kole. He is the most caring, lovable doctor I have ever met. My story is a bit unique. I was all the way through the University of Michigan's bariatric program (with a surgery date and all), when my insurance decided to pitch a fit telling me I needed a Center of Excellence. At the time I was so upset, but by pure coincidence, I found the St John system on the sheet of paper the insurance company provided (with a list of approved doctors) and called.

While it did take about 2 weeks to get an appointment with them, 2 weeks is an almost impossible feat. I was just so anxious since my surgery had just been canceled. But 2 weeks is amazing. I go in and in walks this very tall, quiet man. He was ever-so-confident in the way he talked and he did not talk 'down' to me. He explained the procedure, and he even offered to tell me about the other procedures available, so by no means did he force this decision on me.

The girls in the office are lovely too, extremely helpful. My first impression of Dr. Kole that day was... 'boy... he is so calm, so quiet (not overbearing) and I'm surprised I actually got to meet him on my first appointment. Most surgeons are met way farther out, and they are almost 'too godly' to reach out to. I never felt that with Dr Kole. Oddly enough, that was the first and last time I met Dr. Kole before the day of surgery. I walked away thinking... ok, this won't be that bad.

I can't say anything I do NOT like about him. I know this review is supposed to include both likes and dislikes, but seriously, I would be making something up right now if I told you I had any problems with him.

I can't speak to his surgical competence since I wasn't looking over his shoulder when he did the surgery. However, as a patient of his, I CAN say that I have had 100% NO COMPLICATIONS thus far from his work. Which to me, means he is 'clean' with his surgeries, (not sloppy-go-fast like other surgeons I've had for other body parts), he must be extremely concentrated when he's doing surgeries and his attitude shines out so brightly.

After surgery I was acting like a child, gas pains (which are 100% normal with this procedure) were making me cry and I wanted relief. Dr. Kole must have seen me a couple times the first day, a couple the second day and once on the morning I went home. Even though the only thing I had to say was that I was hating the gas pains, Dr. Kole was MORE than patient with me. His presence made me feel calm, comfortable, like everything was going to be fine. His demeanor is what I like most about him.

One thing I NEVER expected was for Dr. Kole to give me his personal cell phone number upon discharge. Anytime, day or night, he said.. call me with any problems. Wow. Never have I seen anyone with more commitment to his/her patients. The next time I saw Dr. Kole was on the 1-week post-op appointment. He was smiling, relaxed and extremely supportive. Your insides looked good, your scabs look fantastic, just keep doing what you are doing. That made me feel great.

One thing that's perhaps not the best (but has 0% to do with Dr. Kole) is the fact that the St. John Weight Loss Center has monthly support groups and they only offer one time. I really liked U of M because they had 3 support groups a month, all at different times so if you can't make one, you can make a Saturday one, etc. But this is something negative about St John, NOT Dr. Kole as he has no control over these things.

Overall, I would say that insurance denying me at U of M was the best thing that could have happened to me. I met Dr. Kole and I felt so well-cared for... like a member of the family. I felt like he CARED, something lacking in this age of assembly line health care. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kole for changing my life and being such a loving figure.

June 2, 2011

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When I first discussed a bariatric procedure with my primary care physician, I was thinking of the Lap-Band surgery. He immediately said, "No you will have to talk to my friend Kerry Kole and he will want you to have the Gastric Sleeve procedure." I had not heard of this type of surgery, but I did make an appointment with Dr. Kole because I trust my PCP.

I was very impressed with Dr. Kole for his patience in answering my questions thoroughly and in a way that I could understand. He did not minimize the risks and was straightforward with all the complications that could arise. He seemed passionate about his profession and genuinely cared about his patients and their successes.

He did recommend the Gastric Sleeve and told me that my insurance wouldn't cover the surgery unless my BMI was higher. He was meeting with a committee to present evidence that the sleeve was just as effective as the Roux en Y. I must thank him for his persistence. Within a month, my insurance company approved the Gastric Sleeve for me and I scheduled the surgery that same day.

Dr. Kole is always available to answer questions, as is his staff. I never feel that I am imposing on them or asking a silly question. I feel they respect me and want me to succeed. I do attend the support group meetings every month that are scheduled through Dr. Kole's office and appreciate the information sharing with other patients.

I would recommend Dr. Kole wholeheartedly. He made sure that I was informed on all aspects of the surgery, both pre op and post op. I felt fantastic within two days of having my surgery and have been steadily dropping the pounds in a safe and monitored fashion. I know that I will have the support of a great team should I need them.

The only drawback to the surgery was the location of the hospital. It was 55 miles from my home. But all of the post op appointments and support group meetings are within 30 miles and that makes it much easier on me. And frankly, I would have gone 100 miles to have Dr. Kole perform the surgery. My PCP was absolutely right about him!

Jan. 15, 2011

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My first impression of doctor Kole was that he was completely laid back guy. He was calm about everything he was explaining. He answered all of our questions. He even made suggestions as to what surgery he thought I should have. This impression of him didn't change over time it only got better! He came and saw me right after the surgery to make sure I was OK and explained everything that happened. Even his residents were great! They came in and checked on me when he couldn't. Dr. Kole is a master of aftercare. I know this personally because I've developed a seroma/hematoma in one of my incision areas. During this time Dr.Kole even personally gave me his cell phone number so I could call him anytime!! He moved appointments for me to come see him immediately. As it didn't go away I had to come see him at his hospital. He was in surgery that day also. They told me he would be probable too busy to see me. I was in the ER with doctors telling me I needed CAT Scans and a bunch of different things, I got scared! But like Superman Dr.Kole walked into my room and set everything straight! No test, he diagnosed me right there and made sure I had meds.I cannot say anything bad yet about this doctor. His office is amazing, there is a nutritionist you can call at any time and a nurse anytime during office hours for anything you can think of! Dr.Kole is smart, efficient, has the best bedside manners I've met in a doctor. This office doesn't let you pick your surgeon. There are 5 different doctors at the office. Its like God told the office to give me doctor Kole because I couldn't have gotten a better guardian angel for my weight loss journey!

Dec. 5, 2010

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This was the surgeon that gave the seminar I went to about a month ago. Just had my first consultation with him today. Finally, a doctor that actually listens.

Aug. 19, 2010

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I thought that Dr. Gluck was very helpful and concerned. He showed himself to be very friendly and listened patiently to my requests. I am very much looking forward to my big day.

12/1/04 I can really say that Dr. Gluck went the extra mile for me. He put his personal time on hold to make my dream come true. I am SO grateful to him. I totally trust him with this surgery. I feel that he is adequately equipped and knowledgeable and I am looking forward to my new life.

Dr Kerry Kole is performing my Roun-Y revision, due to weight gain.

The process has gone fairly smoothly thus far. The staff is very efficient and patient friendly.

April 12, 2010

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I really liked him. He was very honest why he didn't think lap band was for me (which I wanted) and that I would do better with the sleeve. He could have made a lot of money with me doing the band even knowing that it wouldn't work for me.

Feb. 23, 2010

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I am happy with the care I recieved from Dr. Kole and the rest of the staff at St. John's weight loss.

Oct. 20, 2009

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My first impression of Dr. Kole was that he was very well versed. He treated me like the "against the grain" individual that I am. Understanding that I didn't want RNY and being very expressive about this, Dr. Kole took my perspective as it was and knowing that we would have to fight the insurance company to get approval for VSG. Contrary to the norm, he took my case anyway and said "well, let's fight!" I was so impressed by his aggressive nature and insistence to win! Never before had a ran into a physician that was so "human." It was NOT about money with him, it was about "what was best for his patient." I knew from his first "hello" that he was the surgeon for me.
His office staff works like a well oiled machine. The right hand actually KNOWS what the left hand is doing. It is totally amazing to see a group of people, irregardless of their different demographic backgrounds, work so well together to assure that the patient is the first priority.
I absolutely loved everything about Dr. Kole and his staff. Dr. Kole himself is meticulously wonderful; Clara, the insurance coordinator, is strategically excellent; and Kim, the dietitian, knows her "foods."
Future patients should come to Dr. Kole's office with a clear mind, setting aside all preconceived notions and previous experiences. I guarantee, you will be amazed!
The aftercare program is set in place before you are even scheduled for surgery. So each patient knows what's expected of them and how to get help immediately after surgery and in the long term.
Overall, I rate Dr. Kole and his staff above excellent in the field of WLS and general patient care. They are really "changing the game" and I thank God for them daily!

Oct. 19, 2009

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