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Oscar Lirio Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Dr. Lirio is very thourgh. He is retiring on 10/31/07.

Oct. 26, 2007


My First impression of Dr Lirio was that he undertsood this was no longer in my control. My first impression was right he does understand that my obesity was not all my fault but that he told me that I would have to work very hard to make it go away! The office staff is great and after my surgery Sally was GREAT. Dr Lirio is truly concerned for your health so he tries very hard to make you understand what you have to do, He even made me repeat him so he knew I understood b4 he would let me leave the hospital. Dr Lirio is truly a whole package kinda doc A great surgeon and nice as can be. The bad part is I was his last patient. Yep I was his very last Gastric Bypass :( he retired this area is losing a great surgeon! I had open Fobi and my incision is only like 3 1/2 inches.

Oct. 22, 2007


I was very impressed with the Surgen answered all our questions. The office staff has always been helpfull in all aspects.He is very serious about his pations that they do as he says and follow the guide lines he has set. I just can';t say anything necative about him at this piont will knw more after surgery.I would rate him 9 . He told me and hubby all the risks and whst he would be doing to minimise that risk..Not sure haven't hasd the surgery yet.

Feb. 22, 2007


My first impression of Dr. Lirio was that he was very knowledgeable about weight loss surguries of all types. He has been in this field of work for over 20yrs. and has seen so many different changes to the way the surguries are performed. He holds an informational seminar that you must attend before you can even get an appointment at his office. He gives you so much info at this seminar that you don't have a lot of questions left when you do get to see him one on one. He does however go over everything again with you and your first appointment he will tell you that you will be on the Medifast plan for at least 6-8 weeks before surgury. I can tell you from seeing it that if you do not lose the weight he asks you will not have your surgury until you do. He is a bigtime stickler when it comes to that. The hospital that he does the surgury in, Ellis Hospital, has a Weighloss group that meets a couple of times a month and they are fantastic for questions you have about every aspect of the surgury to recovery to what to expect from the time you have surgury to years after. Dr. Lirio also attends most of those meetings to answer any questions. I would rate him as the best there is he was a wonderful choice and has made my life worth living every minute of every day.

Nov. 9, 2006


Dr. Lirio knows intimatly, the hardships of the obese population. He has designed his style of preparing you for and preforming the surgery to best help and make a most reliable tool for sucess.rn His staff has been patient with me and my constant calling. I think there is none better than Dr. Lirio.

Sept. 30, 2006


My first impression of Doctor Lirio was that he was over worked and didn't have enough help in a very busy office. After a few times of meeting him, I felt his complete dedication to his profession as well as to his patients. He truly knows his job and does an incredible job at it. Paula is simply wonderful. Initially, I felt she too was over worked and understaffed, but they have since moved to a new office and have more staff. The thing I liked least about him was his tendancy to stop and think in between his sentences, almost like he had to refocus what he was thinking. I also think that sometimes he answered a few of my questions prior to me finishing asking them. Almost like he didn't let me ask the entire question. I would then have to re-ask it in another way.rnrnFuture patients should definitely know that they will be expected to follow the rules. Every single one of them. You will be on medifast diet for 2-10 weeks depending upon the number of pounds you need to loose priro to surgery. This entails 5 shakes a day with drinking SF liquids only. NO FOOD. He also is very thorough on all pre-op testing. You will need to have all your tests done and all your ducks in a row. Attend a support group meeting monthly. He also expects you too loose weight. I don't recommend any sort of gain. Overall rating.. the best and highest I could give.

July 22, 2006


I knew by reputation that Dr. Lirio could be no non-sense, but he really was more gentle and understanding that I expected. He reminds me of a paternal figure, kind of hard on you at times, but it's because he's got your best interest at heart.
I love his new office, very comfortable seating, casual atmosphere, yet professional. The glass partitions at the desk could go, they just get in the way and don't prevent you from hearing them talk about things behind the desk (not real HIPAA complient).
The office staff is great. They take care of almost all test scheduling, they deal with problems as the come up, and I never had to deal with any insurance headaches. I like to that most (if not all) of the office staff and nurses have had WLS themselves, so they are supportive, encouraging, and really understand. On my first appointment my nurse assured me that it was worth it and showed me her before picture that she carries in her pocket.
Expect tests for EVERYTHING, he leaves no stone unturned. Most of it is a piece of cake. Although the barium enema is on my list of top 3 things I never want to do again! It's comforting to have a docotr know you so well inside and out before going into surgery.
I saw the PA, John Berggin the most in the hospital. He is super, explained everything a hundred times to be sure I had it. He's got a pretty good sense of humor and made me feel very comfortable.
This ofice has a very structured program for pre-op and post-op. Expect to be on Medifast to lose 10% of your pre-op weight before surgery. And don't bother starting early because it's 10% from the time you start the medifast.
I've heard he has a very low complication rate, which was a big reason I went with him, even though he only does open. His partner, Dr. Clarke, does the lap.
The practice seems to really know their stuff. They appear up on the last information and research, in combination of having the many years of experience. Dr. Lirio has been doing this type of surgery for longer then some of his patients have been alive. I think that's a great combination.

Feb. 22, 2006


At first I went I met Dr. Lirio I was a bit concerned. I had heard about how hard he could be with his patients. And he does pause at times when he is explaining different procedures to a person. My surgery was suppose to be done orginally in October and was postponed till Feb 10. I believe that Dr. Lirio KNOWS very well what he is doing. It did concern me that he seem to have many patients and not enought time to see them all. You do not want a worn down surgeon. His staff at the office assisted me much. Expecially when I feeling anioux or blue. Sally always has a smile and a bright outlook for me and could always seem to brighten my day. Chris was very informative. Paula well she knows her job well and is very good at organizing so many patients that past throught the office. Hmm not that I could say I like alot LEAST about Dr. Lirio, I wanted the best and I got it! John Berman has been working with me and always takes time to see how I am doing and explain different aspects of the surgery and after the surgery to me. Both of them emphasis AFTER to extremes, I am still learning the steps I need to know in my aftercare and if I have any questions they try to address them ASAP. They do have a Bariatric support group there, which seems to be getting better in some ways as time goes on, many of the other patients do come to the group and when they are able to share with anyone who asks questions or has any fears or concerns. They are highly open and honest and I enjoy getting a variety of answer from people that are just starting their journey till the point they are currently at now. I did suggest that the nutritionist and other speakers come in alot more. I also suggested that the nutritionist see a patient when they first come into Dr. Lirio's care, then a few weeks before surgery and then last but not least while they are in the hospital, always leaving time for future visits IF needed. And I am going to suggest making bariatric pillows for the ones that will be going into surgery at a later date.
Dr. Lirio was very good in explaining his concerns and the health risks that concerned my case. I know he would not have done the surgery if he FELT I was not ready for it!
His surgical competance was much better then his bedside manner... he took some getting used to in that sense.. Overall I would go to Dr. Lirio again and again for surgery or any bariatric needs he could take care of!!!!

Feb. 16, 2006


My first impression of Dr. Lirio was that he was a very intelligent and caring man whom only has his patients best interest at heart . He seemed to be very busy though as he was late getting to his office due to checking in on a patient at the hospital , which tells me that he really cares about his patients . He still took as much time with me as I needed and answered all my questions without hesitation . I feel he was very honest with everything and did not try to sell me anything !
I really liked the fact that he is very thorough with how he explains the surgery to you .

His staff were very professional and curtious. They were all very helpful but did seem to be crammed with a huge workload .
They will all help you in any way they possibly can and won't hesitate to do so !

Anyone that is considering this surgery or any other surgery for that matter should know that DR. Lirio will take good care of you and that he is a very intelligent man . He has been doing this surgery for over 25 years and to me that say's alot about him . In my opinion ... HE IS THE VERY BEST THERE IS !
He strongly emphasizes after care and tells you that your success is based on it ...NO IF'S AND'S OR BUT'S !
He has a very structured after care program and a support group out of the Ellis hospital. He attends this group every WEDNESDAY that it is held .
He covered all the risk's involved with this particular type of surgery and made me aware of the most frequent complications that most people experience .
He strongly stated that this should be only a last option for anyone ! He also made me very aware of the risk of death.

I would rate Dr. Lirio a ..... 10 ! I would highly recommend him to anyone !

Dec. 1, 2005


My first imp. was he was very thorough and explained everything in detail. I never felt uncomfortable with him, I had complete faith in his abilities. I also had a good feeling from his staff. There really was nothing I didn't like about him, other than he is set in his ways about what he wants done (not a bad thing really!) Future patients should know that he means business, he is a very busy man and has no time for people who are not dedicated to this procedure. Also, he onlt does open RNY, his assistant does the lapriscopic. He is very into after care. Checking your vitamin levels, lab work upper GI's. Repeat check-ups every couple of months. The very fist time I met him he told me the pro's and con's. He even told me about chances of death and his death ratio (over 25 years he has lost 2 patients, due to other complications while in surgery). I tell people all the time he is the only person I would recommed. There are other surgeons in the area but he is the best!I thing both bedside manner and ther surgical abilities play hand in hand. He has flying colors with both. Dr. Lirio is the greatest!!!

March 29, 2005

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