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Bariatric Surgeon
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Paul E Huepenbecker Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.
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I have not had my surgery yet, it is 3 weeks away. I have met with my surgeon twice and he is wonderful. He has a great bedside manner. He shook my hand and made great eye contact throughout the appointment. He recongized the work i had done so far and complimented me on it. he was very honest and spent alot of time talking with me. He asked if i had any questions and he made sure he answered each and everyone before we were through. He gave me his card and told me not to hesitate to call him if i had more questions. he made me feel good about my decison and he told me he was confident i could do this. He really stressed the aftercare program and the importance of follow up. I have already attended a couple of support groups and they have been wonderful. Each and every person i have encountered during this process have been amazing. I was instantly comfortable with these people, they made it so easy. I would definetly recommend Dr. Huepenbecker and his entire staff. I will let you know more after the surgery. I know that they some a review probably can't be 100% positive, but my is so far, i have no complaints...i have not had my surgery yet.

March 12, 2008


My surgeon was awesome! I felt very comfortable with my live and lively hood in his hands. Although I did not have too much contact with him, he did have a PA named Adrian that was great. They both knew what they were talking about and were very compassionate to my family when they came out to talk to them. The whole weight loss program that Dean Care has is great and I highly recommend it to anyone in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Jan. 11, 2007


Dr. Heupenbecker is great. He really is passionate about this part of his practice. He gave me realistic expectations about the surgery outcomes. He is an active listener and addressed all of my questions/concerns. His office staff is also very nice. His nurse Jan always called me back in a timely manner and was able to also answer my questions. He is very adimant about aftercare and makes it clear before surgery that he is starting the process but will not if the patient does not make the committment to aftercare.
His bedside manner is also very impecable. He came to see me every morning and was very encouraging.

April 11, 2006


Dr. Huepenbecker has been a great surgeon. He is very personable, very honest, and I sense his desire to see people get healthy. He felt very strong about the after-care and did a great job of telling me about risks etc. I can't think of anything I didn't like about him. I was very impressed with how he teams up with Dr Sunby during the surgery to make sure they are doing it the way it is supposed to be done. I rate him excellent and feel not only is he a competent surgeon but also has good bedside manner.

March 16, 2006


A really nice guy.
Great surgeon with a positive attitude.
I highly recommended him.

Oct. 21, 2005


My first impression of Doctor was that he was very possitive & excited for ME! He was friendly & personal & i likes that he enjoyes living life himself. Hes a Packer fan!!!! His staff is thurough & also friendly. They try thier darndest not to make mistakes. But admit if they do. No excusses. They are real people like me. There wasn't anything i didn't like about him. The only thing that i was a little embarassed about was that he is a "CUTIE"! Before surgery all i thought was "oh my god, he's gonna see & touch me". But i'm over it now. That is my insecurity for you. He made me very comfortable with him as he is realy here not just for the finacial reward, but also the personal reward of helping people like us who have suffered so long. He emphasizes structured aftercare as a must. He lays everything on the line. Dean has a wonderful support group that meets at least once a month that is very beneficial. I feel he is a very well rounder surgeon/physician. His only weakness is being a packer fan..."Just Kidding Doc!" I recomend him to everyone considering surgery of this nature.

Oct. 28, 2004


I felt Paul Huepenbecker was very thorough and clear with me about the risks and benefits of gastric bypass surgery. I never felt he was in too much of a hurry to answer my questions, and he has never belittled anything I've had to say ("there are no dumb questions").
He has always been very pleasant and concerned about how I am doing and feeling. His staff has been a great help to me. I have never felt that when I call I have inconvenienced anyone in any way. They have been encouraging and optimistic for my surgery recovery and weight loss journey.
I had a five day hospital stay (open procedure) and Dr. Huepenbecker came in to visit each morning, even on Saturday (do doctors normally do that?). His bedside manner; very friendly and relaxed.
I had a complication in which my procedure went from lap to open, and Dr. Huepenbecker was very complete and up front with my husband through it all. He is a very professional surgeon. His outlook for his patients are for THEIR well-being and health, and he is honest about his role in their life change; that he is just a part of the whole process. I take full responsiblility for my choices and my comments reflect MY experience with this surgeon and his program, and may it not be misunderstood.
Thank you Dr. Huepenbecker and the Staff of Dean Care Comprehensive Bariatric Care.

Sept. 29, 2004


He seemd compastionate. But i also got the impression he was just doing his job. Even though i have only seem him once so far i am still nervous about the upcoming surgery.
I do however have to ability and drive to get through this and i know and trust that he will be the surgery that i need.
I have went to support groups and have asked alot of questions.

July 7, 2004


I feel truly blessed to have had Dr. Huepenbecker as my surgeon. I first met him in April, 2002, before he had begun doing bariatric surgery. He was very open and honest about his role in my surgery, as well as my role post-op. Because of his clinic/hospital delaying beginning the surgery, and insurance issues, I spoke to his nurse, Jan, at least once a week. She was always very friendly, and never made me feel like I was bothering them. Dr. Huepenbecker is a very straight-forward person, and emphasized that this surgery is only the beginning - the hard work comes afterward. He is also a very confident, competent surgeon and put me at ease, as well as my husband. My surgery was scheduled as a Lap, but was converted to Open during surgery. Dr. Huepenbecker scrubbed and came out of the OR to tell my family before he began the Open RNY. I saw him every day when he came to my hospital room. He even came in on his day off (the day I was released) to see how I was doing! He never glossed over the risks of the surgery, but always left me with the feeling that he could do it, and so could I. I am so grateful to him for his skill and confidence that I could lead a better life after the surgery. He is my Angel!

Dec. 27, 2003


He has been very helpful with giving me information on the surgery. He also gives you a book that was wrote by a person that had the bariatric surgery. He performs it through laproscopic which is a big plus to me. The after care you get from him however to put it in plain terms sucks. I am switching over to Dr. Garren even though he is out of the network. He seems to be very up and more willing to follow up on things after surgery. If it wasn't for my sister I would probably be dead right now or at least brain dead because of this surgeon. These are just my own personal impressions however I feel strongely about them...

Nov. 4, 2003

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