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Robert Rutledge Bariatric Surgeon M.D.
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20 yr in Bariatrics

16 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

14 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

100% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 12

Max Age of Patient is 85

David Hargroder
M.D., F.A.C.S.
Trish Lanman
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152 Reviews for Robert Rutledge
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There is nothing negative or unsatisfactory that I can say about my surgeon, Dr. Rutledge. He is a very nice, caring and well-skilled surgeon, who carries himself in a professional manner, knows his job well, and does it with excellence. Plus, he has a great sense of humor and makes you feel comfortable in spite of all the technical and medical jargon you have to become familiar with.

His staff and the hospital care staff at St. Rose were all caring and did an excellent job. I would recommend this surgeon and his care team to anyone seeking this type WLS.

Sept. 10, 2010


I met with a local bariatric surgeon on 11/10/1999. Although I felt he was proficient at the open, fobi pouch RNY, I was very dissapointed in no laparoscopic option.rnrnI continued to spend every free moment on the computer searching for options.rnrnOn 11/14 I met Dr. Rutledge on-line. He answered some of my immediate questions and introduced me to the [email protected] support group.rnHe was warm and gracious.rnrnDr. Rutledge performed my MGB on 12/27 in only 37 minutes. I was admitted at noon on the 27th and released by Dr. Rutledge at 6:45 AM on the 29th. (Only 43 hours in the hospital!)rnrnAt 3 days post-op I returned a few calls at the office. My surgery was done on a Monday and I returned to work, with full duties the following Monday. I would have been back sooner if not for the New Years holiday, causing our offices to be closed on Friday. I do work sitting down, mostly, in an office environment.rnrnExtremely structured aftercare.rnrnDetailed risks and all information on his website, general staff of Regional Surgical Associates was always helpful and pleasant. His Administrative Assistant was extremly helpful, responsive, understanding, and kind.rnrnAt the time of surgery I rated his surgical competence at a 10 and bedside manner at 8.6.rnrnI think now, that his surgical skill is even greater than 10++.rnrnHe can come across a little terse sometimes, but I've always been taught that many surgeons question whether God created them, or they created God. He is no different in that regard.rnrnNo matter, I didn't choose or retain him to be my counselor or new best friend. He did exactly what he told me he would do. I have no reservations, even after almost a decade.

Jan. 18, 2009


Scheduled for mgb on Oct 29, 2008

Sept. 26, 2008


Asshole! Only concerned about his ratings and how many people he can get in and out, he acts like he cares but he dosent. All of his \"charming\" qualities are just to showboat. He pretty much only cares about his statistics, and not pre-ops, found that one out the hard way. Im GLAD Im not going to have him or his surgery.

May 6, 2008

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Great guy. Very knowlegable and caring. He knows what he is doing. Everyone around him is very supportive. One tip: he needs a bigger staff to handle the minutia of his growing practice.

Feb. 9, 2008


-Well spokenrn-Has alot on his plate, very busyrn-Busy, focusedrn-Would have liked more 1 on 1 timern-You will be in a group setting so, if you want 1 on 1 time with him, you need to ask for it.rn-Alot!rn-Yesrn-Yesrn-Goodrn-Both

July 18, 2007


Dr. Rutledge is caring, nice, talks and makes you understand. He is funny, honest, straight forward. Him and his staff get a A+.

March 11, 2007


- My first impression of Dr Rutledge was how truly concerned he was about his patients.rn-My impression did not change other than to intensify. He is a very caring down to earth individual.rn- His staff made every effort to help with any problem you may have.rn- Dr Rutledge let you know when you were asking a dumb question. He answered it, but he let you know.rn- His experience with weight loss is bar none the best and his track record is without question impeccable. rn- You must have after care contact with either him or if you live too far away with your own physician set up before you even have surgery.rn-There is always his personal phone number and his staff available to contact. You have monthly updates to send in and visits to check on your bloodwork.rn-There is not a structured aftercare plan but it is all layed out for you what you should be doing.rn-There is a huge patient manual that must be read and many steps such as a patient letter and former patient contacts that show that you understand the risks of his surgery (MGB) and other forms such as the Roux-n-y. Pros and cons were shown with all.rn-He is an excellent physician and surgeon and a wonderful human being.rn-Dr Rutledge has both the surgical competence and bedside manner.rnI would never have surgery with anyone else and would reccommend him highly. I would not have done the Roux-n-y.rnrnrn

Nov. 20, 2006


Dr. Robert Rutledge, is currently practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada, NC. He is one of the nicest, caring and most professional surgeons you will ever meet. Before having surgery with him, he has devised a complete learning process that allows the patient to be fully educated and aware of all the necessary information regarding the procedure as well as pre-op and post-op guidelines. He has a website at: This site is full of helpful information. Currently he is training other surgeons and opening offices all over the US.

I would highly recommend him for this procedure.

March 2, 2006


Dr. Rutledge is a gifted and talented surgeon. He is kind and really understands the obese patient. He is a pioneer and has saved my life. He is currently operating in Las Vegas, not Joplin MO.

There is some contraversy about his procedure the Mini-gastric bypass. In my opinon and those of hundreds of his patients, and our PCPs who have nothing to gain by supporting or not supporting the MGB, it is a desirable surgery. Many surgeons object because the procedure costs less and is "new". My surgery took less than an hour and I was home in less than 24 hours. I DID require a revision as I was more than 200 pounds overweight. Some small percentage of people do not lose ALL their excess weight, but this is true of EVERY wls. I have not had any issues with re-gain. It was a great choice for me. Do your research, make your own decisions. I have NO regrets about my decision, but I did a LOT of research before making a decision. I would trust my life (I DID!) and that on anyone I loved and cared about with Dr. Rutledge.

Feb. 9, 2006

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