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Thomas Patrick Fitzgerald Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.
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18 yr Experience

7 yr in Bariatrics

18 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

7 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

8% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is n/a

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Scott Stevens
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Feb. 15, 2011


1. My first impression of Dr. Fitzgerald was -professional,dry,detatched and bored.

2. My impression of him over time changed to - professional, focused, on the ball, confident, funny, warm, caring, and genuine.

3. His office staff is STELLAR! Patrice and Linda are fun, friendly, accomodating and they know thier stuff. They answer all questions readily, and everything is orderly and prepped. Some of the office staff have also had the surgery,also done by Dr. Fitzgerald, - so it feels good to be talking to people who are REALLY on the same page with you.

4. What did I like the least about Dr. Fitzgerald? It's hard for me to come up with something negative for the man that saved my life. - But to answer the question I suppose I didn't like my first impression of him. Which was aloof. He really didn't seem too interested in me until the last pre op visit. - But once it was surgery time he was everything you want your surgeon to be. - straight up, cool calm collected and ON IT!

5. Future patients should know that Dr. Fitzgerald is someone who really wants you to succeed. He will look you dead in the eye and tell you what you what you need to do. - And you better do it!

6. Aftercare is extremely important to him and I've already got appointments set up to a year out of my surgery. There is also a support group that meets monthly, and the office is so great, you should never feel shy to call and ask any question.

7. Dr. Fitzgerald was very honest and frank about all the risks involved with the surgery. I was fully informed WELL before I had my surgery.

8. Overall I rate Dr. Fitzgerald a TEN of TEN! I really couldn't be more pleased. I was taken care of perfectly and I know he worked hard on me due to my enlarged liver problems. I am very grateful to have had him as my surgeon.

9. Which is better - surgical competence or bedside manner?? - well surgical competence of course! This is kind of an odd question haha - Dr. Fitzgerald was a mix of both really. He isn't very personable at first- but after you see him a few times, it's easy to appreciate the man and see him as a well focused Doc that is really into his job. My parents are both retired medical doctors - so I am used to this type of personality. There are no surprises and no snake oil. Dr. Fitzgerald gets the job done and he is actually a really nice guy too underneath it all. - I think he really cares me and wants me to do well - I appreciate it.

And that is the jist of my experience! I'm thrilled to be feeling much better these days and excited about the changes I can look forward to this year.

Jan. 29, 2009


Dr Fitzgerald has a very good reputation. I have met him once at my initial visit to discuss me having the Bariatric Bypass surgery laproscopically. He was genuine, honest, caring, and very kind. The Bariatric program OF Sarasota Memorial Hospital was developed by Dr Fitzgerald 3 years ago and is one of the best I found while researching different areas. He is very experienced and has a wonderful, caring staff that are quick to respond to my calls,{which have been many} the nutritionist is wonderful and very caring, the coordinator Patrice is a postop success story ! She is fantastic ! Their upfront fee is 1500.00 that includes the before nutrition class which I can go back to any time for one year. This is basic good nutrition everyone should be doing after the first year or so. I will have a nutritionist that will follow me for 5 years postop as often and as much as I want to use this service..I LOVE IT! She is wonderful! I have had lots of preeducation from them, they have a support group meeting every month! I will be having my surgery in August I HOPE AND PRAY...but for now I could not be happier, with the program Dr Fitzgerald has in place at Sarasota Memorial.Hospital in Sarasota

July 12, 2008


Because I work at Sarasota Memorial Hospital (non-clinical, but I know everyone!) I was aware of Dr. Fitzgerald's wonderful reputation. He is one of those doctors that other doctors would choose for their surgeon, if they needed one. From the time I first met him I have had total confidence in him, and have been forever grateful to have had him for my surgery. I feel wonderful, and have lost over 70 lbs. in the first five months.rnDr. Fitzgerald has an amazing staff and they have put together a wonderful program and support group. You never feel alone . . . they are all so caring and ready to help whenever you need advice. The aftercare program is taken very seriously by Dr. Fitzgerald and his staff, and they address any potential problems you might be having (i.e., with food, etc.) quickly. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely rate Dr. Fitzgerald at least a 12!!!!rnI believe that surgical competence and bedside manner are BOTH important, and I was lucky enough to find both with Dr. Fitzgerald.

Sept. 23, 2006


Dr. Fitz (as we call him at the hospital) was very informative. My first appointment he made me feel comfortable, as I was very nervous. He answered all my questions, and even answered some I didn't ask. He talked to me as a person, not just another patient. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to have this surgery! I have also found out that since this is a new procedure at our hospital, Dr. Fitzgerald will be working with Dr. Wizeman on my surgery. Two great surgeons, what else could I ask for?!

Aug. 21, 2005


Dr.Fitzgerald was great, and very forthcoming with info about surgery; and eager to address my concerns. The office staff is incredible, they have called me every step of the way. They emphasize aftercare, like breathing! IT is crucial!
I would give them 5 gold stars. Surgical competence is greatly important! lol But both need to be outstanding.

April 27, 2005


PRE-OPERATIVE: I was very impressed with this easy natured, caring physician. He seems quite motivated by a need to help morbidly obese patients. I spoke with him initially by phone. Then, I heard him speak at an information sharing meeting the Hospital set up. When we met in person (my pre-operative consultation) he spent about an hour talking to me about all aspects of this surgery and it's potential impact on my life. It was professional but not cold and clinical. He spoke in layman's terms about the surgery, risks, and benefits. He addressed my questions with patience and understanding.

May 12, 2004

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