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    IleneRachel on June 28, 2004 for Southside Hospital

    My care during the first 2/3s of my stay was excellent. Unfortunately, once I was transferred to a regular room, I was practically forgotten. Everyone was nice in that area, but it wasn't good that they didn't remember to give me the More...

    Joan C. on March 12, 2004 for Southside Hospital

    Great nurses in PACU and ICU. My anesthesiologist was kind and reassuring. Overall a pleasant experience.

    Annie A on Jan. 18, 2004 for Southside Hospital

    The hospital seems to care for wls patients. They even opened up a bariatric center with a nutritionist and wls support groups. The nurses I had seemed to be well informed about the surgery. I even remember one of them telling me they had a More...

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