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TberryRose for Southside

I was VERY pleased with the care I received right from the beginning of my planning stages for WLS. Everything just flowed smoothly for me with no complications or delays at all. My surgeon is excellent-->Dr. Adaniel. The staff was very compationate to my needs as an idividual and never hesitated to assist me. I would highly recommend Southside to everyone pursuing WLS.

Sept. 26, 2004

How well equipped was the hospital to handle overweight patients?
How much privacy did you feel the hospital gave you?
How accommodating was the hospital in allowing visitors to see you?
How restfully quiet did you find your experience?
How responsive did you feel the hospital was in give you pain medications?
How responsive do you feel the staff was in helping you with your general needs during your stay?
How sensitive was the staff to the needs of overweight patients?
How would you rate the parking accomodations?
How safe did you feel that the hospital was well equiped enough to handle any medical emergency that might arise during your stay there?
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