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    Dr. Gitt specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for the most accomplished weight loss patients, offering the latest and most innovative techniques. Our philosophy is embodied in the belief that post-massive weight loss surgery is a unique and very special sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery. Weight loss patients are special for a number of reasons. Dr. Gitt enjoys working with patients who have demonstrated a conviction to their wellness, who are compliant with their Dr.’s recommendations, and who are committed to achieving the best possible results. Those who can come to the very difficult realization that their obesity is out of control, those who can succeed in their weight loss, and those who have the dedication to maintain their newly normal body mass are the kind of patients that Dr. Gitt loves to care for and to work with. We are the only Plastic Surgical practice in Arizona that routinely works with insurance for our weight loss patients! We will try to arrange coverage whenever possible to save our patients their hard earned money. Our newest associate, Dr. Ryan Tsujimura, joined this practice in mid-2009. Dominic Heffel, MD., who was formerly an academic bariatric surgeon at UCLA, joined North Valley Plastic Surgery in 2007.

    We are absolutely committed to providing up to date contemporary information and knowledge to our patients and to our potential patients. We have demonstrated our commitment by establishing 6 freestanding and separately maintained blog web sites. Two of these sites are specifically devoted to Post bariatric and massive weight loss patient related topics. The other 4 blog sites are similarly maintained and new articles are posted in each of the 6 websites every week. We will also author articles on topics requested by any of our patients or members of the family. The URL links for these informative and unique blog web sites are listed below. Myself, Dr. Heffel, Dr. Bell, Dr. Tsujimura, and our administrative staff invite you to participate in these informative blogs at your leisure.

    Because of his outstanding national reputation for post-bariatric patient care, Dr. Gitt was invited to serve on the editorial advisory board of Obesity Help magazine in 2007.

    Dr. Gitt & Dr. Heffel, work together on all major post-weight loss cases. Our two surgeon approach offers the added advantage of shorter anesthesia times, lower blood loss, and an overall safer surgical experience. Our resources and our experience will give you the safest surgical experience in the western USA, the lowest blood loss, the lowest rate of major complications, and the best surgical outcomes. Because of our unmatched experience, our resources, and the fact that we have two Master Post Bariatric Surgeons in this practice, in certain select cases, we are able to safely offer circumferential body lifting as an outpatient procedure! That combined with our dedicated staff, our specialized equipment, and our comprehensive post-operative program make North Valley Plastic Surgery stand out. Post-massive weight loss surgery is not for the part time surgeon. Dr. Gitt is one of the most experienced post-massive weight loss surgeons in the entire USA, he has dedicated his career to this sub-specialty, and his outcomes, as well as his patient testimonials speak for themselves. His patients describe him as caring, compassionate, and understanding and as an excellent listener and communicator. As the founder and medical director of North Valley Plastic Surgery, established in 1993, Steven M. Gitt, M.D., F.A.C.S. graduated college with distinction from UCLA in 1982 and from medical school with distinction from Wayne State University in 1986. Dr. Gitt was elected to membership in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) national medical honor society in 1985. Following completion of training in General Surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, and Plastic Surgery training at the renowned University of Michigan medical center, Dr. Gitt obtained certifications from the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery (re-certifications in General surgery-2002; in Plastic Surgery-2003). Dr. Gitt also holds the prestigious Certificate of Advanced Education in Cosmetic Surgery. He was the founder and original medical director of the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at Paradise Valley Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Always on the leading edge of technology, Dr. Gitt has offered endoscopic procedures such as brow and face lifting, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation since 1994, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing since 1995, and Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) since 1996, and has performed over 5000 major body contouring operations. We have accumulated extraordinary experience in post-massive weight loss surgery and feel that our program is the premier Plastic Surgical program for post-massive weight loss patients in the southwestern USA. We strive for, and we achieve, excellence on a daily basis.

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    avatar Microman75 on Nov. 1, 2013

    WARNING! FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY, DO NOT GET OPERATED ON AT NORTH VALLEY PLASTIC SURGERY CENTER! I unfortunately worked as a Certified Surgical Technologist in their operating rooms and witnessed extremely dangerous and disgusting surgical practices! Firstly, their used bloody and contaminated instruments aren’t More...

    avatar ahava on Feb. 21, 2012

    I'm going to be going back to Dr Gitt at North Valley Plastic Surgery to have another procedure done,He and his team of Dr's. Nurses and Anesthesiologists are the absolute best in their fields. I have had friends that live in other More...

    avatar kellys_thought on Dec. 20, 2011

    I would like to start off by saying this is a review of Dr. Gitt's staff. I was only able to meet with Dr Gitt for a consultation. He appeared to be experienced in his field. Since then I have been trying to get More...

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