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Dr. Kolb is very knowledgeable, but her office is a bit chaotic and doesn't have good control and efficiency in the waiting area.

Jan. 8, 2009

My first appiontment was set for 3-19-04, sadly the Dr.was sick that day and I had to reschedule. But Just by talking to her staff, I would recommend anyone considering plastic sugery to visit or at least call for info. They were so caring( not the money greedy kind). Medicaid is the insurance that paid for my gastric and I never thought I would find a Dr to work with me, but this office not only accepted my insurance they gave me hope and that is something we all need in this battle. They understood that this is not a cosmetic procedure. All together I lost 178 pnds. So my excess skin is not just a little love handle or Im bored with the way I look and need a little change. My next appiontment is on 3-30-04, I cant wait. WISH ME LUCK. Luv you guys, untill next time.........

I saw Dr.kolb on 3/30/04, and she was great. She explained both procedures breast and abdomen. We set a date for 5-12-04, unfortunately medicaid will not pay fo my breast lift but they might pay for my skin removal and bottom row. So the office submitted my claim. Friday morning they called me and I am approved. Thank you for all your support, wish me luck.....

March 22, 2004
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