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Dr. McCall is such a down-to-earth woman who treats me more like an individual than a patient. She is extremely sensitive to post bariatric patients and our special needs when it comes to loose skin and making us look not only normal but beautiful again. I'm so grateful I chose her to be my surgeon for a lower body lift. She has done an amazing job!

May 30, 2007

i would not have trusted ANYONE else... she was so informative and helpful. I give her 2 thumbs up, she was an excellent doc!

March 1, 2007

I met Dr.McCall at a seminar last year, then again at a OH mini conference in Milwaukee in June. I had appointments with two different doctors and choose Dr. McCall. I am scheduled for a lower body lift in July 2006. She came across as a very caring individual and I even got a hug from her at the conference when she saw I was a bit afraid of the upcomming procedure! She is very supportive of bariatric patients and their special needs.
August 2006. I had the surgery, they removed 37.5 pounds of skin and fst. This is the largest amount she has ever removed! I had to stay in the hospital an additional 2 days and have 4 blood units replaced, but that was ok by me. I had my 1 week follow up and I am doing "SO WELL"!

June 27, 2006

Her lack of after care and treatment of a major infection put me in the hosiptal for 1 month under the care of my bariatric surgeon. 7 1/2 months later I am still on a feeding tube and still have open wounds from the surgery to clean out the infection that she insisted I did not have.

Oct. 26, 2005

I just had my first appointment today. Dr. McCall was very calming and knowledgable. She and her office staff were compassionate and efficient.
7/1/05 Update: I am 3 months post op from circumferential torsoplasty. I can't speak highly enough about Dr. McCall! I'm thrilled with my results. Pant/skirt size went from 10/12 to 6/8 after surgery. I can even wear a bathing suit now!

April 20, 2004

Dr. McCall is wonderful! She did surgery on my legs, as I had a severe case of lymphedema behind my knees. It was a very unusal case, and she did an excellent job. She was always available to me to answer questions, and got me through some annoying complications of the surgery. I had excessive draining for weeks after the surgery, and she was very compassionate and helpful, and always apologizing for the draining, even though it was nothing that was done wrong, just lots of fluid for me to get rid of. I look forward to going back to Dr. McCall when I have my panniculectomy and "arm job".
UPDATE: May 2004 - I've had a breast and arm lift, panni, and butt and outer thigh lift. To say I'm thrilled with the results would be an understatement. I have one surgery left, my inner thighs. I'll be forever grateful to Dr. McCall.

Oct. 12, 2002
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