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Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable about WLS. He supported my decission 100%. He never tried to talk me out of it and said this is the best thing I could do for myself. He is looking forward to seeing my progress.

Oct. 8, 2003

I came to Dr Smith thru this web site. I didn't have support from my pcp. I needed blood work, echocardiogram, and an ekg. He has wls patients and is familiar with post care. He was very willing and supportive of my decision. I feel he will be a true partner in my journey.

May 28, 2003

I was worried about bringing up the subject of bariatric surgery when I went to Dr. Smith to see if he would give me a referral. Without batting an eye, he said he thought it was a very good idea and that I was a perfect candidate for it. He gave me a referral and when I wanted to switch to a different surgeon a few months later, he was happy to give me a second referral.

I can't tell you how greatful I am to Dr. Smith for being so understanding and supportive he has been. He told me that he has had about a dozen patients over the last few years have the surgery. I would highly recommend him.

Oct. 3, 2002
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