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Dr. Giudici is THE single most compassionate person I have never met in my life! I have had MANY doctors in my life, and have never been treated with more compassion and care than I have been with Dr. G.

Most docs look right through you when you're obese, NOT Dr. G. In fact, he paid me the highest compliment EVER. He didn't remember me! Now, if you're of normal size you're saying this lady is NUTS...but when you're of size, BELIEVE me, people remember you. He paid me the highest compliment EVER when he didn't recall seeing me on my first visit when I had my second appointment. He DOES NOT discriminate against you because you're obese!!!! EXTREMELY important and it's what got me on the road to losing over 150lbs so far!

I cannot give him (AND his staff, too!) any higher praise!!! He SAVED MY LIFE!

Jan. 8, 2010

The previous comments remain in poor taste. Melanie F worked for Dr. Giudici and was let go 1st week June 2008. She never was a patient. Dr. Giudici is great!!!

Feb. 25, 2009

Dr. Giudici is very caring, knowledgeable and thorough. He showed great empathy toward me. The previous post amazes me. I was in the waiting room the day “Tim” was there with his daughter. “Tim” stormed out Dr. Giudici’s office shouting such terrible, foul language. I remained impressed by Dr Giudici’s calm composure and professionalism in dealing with such an irate and out of control individual full of rage. Maybe that is in part why Dr. Giudici has been awarded “Top Physician” in 2007 by the Consumer Research Council, Washington, DC: an award only given to America’s elite physicians.

Oct. 21, 2007

This doctor is a complete jerk. My daughter is suffering from a eating disorder and I told him that she lost more weight and he told me it was not my concern and it was just his. i told him I am her father and it is my concern and he told us to find another doctor. He has no manners at all. He does not listen at all. He thinks he is so special. He is just an arrogant ass.

Sept. 7, 2007

I could not ask for a better Doctor - he is an amazing diagnostician if needed, he is very understanding and thorough

April 13, 2007

He was a very nice to me, listened to everything I said. I showed him this website, he had no idea it was so great.

April 16, 2005
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