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Dr. Boone was very nice, attentive, and professional. He administered the MMPI3 test to me on 2/27/04, and checked back with me intermittently to see if I had any questions. I appreciated his comments about the surgery and my readiness for it. I attended a follow-up session with Dr. Boone on March 11,2004, to receive the results of the psychiatric evaluation and Dr. Boone's authorization for the surgery. Dr. Boone was honest, up-front, and sensitive in his questions to me. After agreeing to continue therapy to resolve some remaining issues, Dr. Boone agreed to allow me to have the surgery. I am glad that I will be followed throughout this process by his office, as I believe that post-op I will have opportunity to alleviate anxieties, depression issues more rapidly if I am supported by him.

Feb. 29, 2004

I didn't see him but for about 20 minutes then I took the MMPI that took 3 hrs. He called me back (an hour drive) to talk to me another 15 minutes about issues I had already discussed with my personal therapist but hey I got it done.

Feb. 21, 2003

Dont use this guy if you are looking for a timely eval. He is extremely slow doing a job that should only take a few days. I waited 5 wks.

April 15, 2002
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