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    What are Egg Whites? Egg whites are exactly that, 100% pure liquid egg whites, just as if you cracked and separated them yourself at home. The only thing we did was to pasteurize them to remove salmonella and all other bacteria. Then we double filtered them to remove all the egg texture, so now they are as smooth as milk. There are no additives or preservatives, no artificial ingredients or food colorings. Egg whites have a naturally light yellow color to them, but cook up as white as an egg white would normally. You will notice this yellowish color more in the bottle than in the frying pan. Our egg whites are completely tasteless and odorless for the perfect protein drink. You get 12% more protein used by your body by NOT cooking them. Cooking denatures the protein by 12%. So, drinks are always better and take up less space in your stomach with a higher amount of protein intake.
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    avatar Writefine on May 28, 2014 for Egg Whites

    I tried several different ways to use this product... Baking -- Good, didn't add any flavor In Protein Shake -- Good, didn't add any flavor In egg dish cooked in oven or stove top! There was always liquid in the pan that didn't cook More...

    avatar Dawilliams1253 on May 28, 2014 for Egg Whites

    Very great source of protein. Use in shakes, make omelet, bake with it.

    avatar Meleani W. on Feb. 6, 2014 for Egg Whites

    It's been a while since I bought it, but when I had it, I really loved using it in my protein shakes post op.....would use it again, but the one thing I did not like is that it comes in such large containers More...