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    PatchMD patches are vitamin supplement patches that you wear on the skin. 

    They help you achieve your desired health goals — better sleep, more energy, stronger bones, clearer skin, and more.

    PatchMD avoids digestion
    PatchMD uses a unique topical patch delivery system that utilizes the skin as our mode of delivery. There are a number of issues that affect digestion, as digestion breaks down so does the body's ability to absorb nutrients. Our body needs nutrients throughout the day PatchMD provides a timed release technology that helps with bioavailability. If you have trouble swallowing or you're just experiencing pill fatigue from taking so many different pills at different times of the day then PatchMD offers a great convenient, alternative way to get your nutrition.

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    I've been using both the Multi-vitamin and Omega-3 patches for several months and LOVE the ease of use. I have a hard time taking lots of pills and generally find ways to avoid getting them in. These patches are the best solution I could More...

    Super excited to try these out!

    Have Been on the Patch Multivitamin 5 months. Got some bloodwork back today and all seems steady and good. A few points: Vitamin D- I have been Vit D deficient for over a decade pre-WLS. I finally started taking a liquid Vit D supplement and More...