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Action Products, Inc.
Hagerstown, MD


954 Sweeney Drive
Hagerstown, MD  21740


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About this Company
Company Information
We define who we are through our core mission. We strive to:
1. Become the largest and most innovative manufacturer of soft polymers in the world.
2. Manufacture products which are customer-driven.
3. Manufacture finished products with AKTON® Polymer which meet the highest quality standards possible.
4. Continually upgrade our quality standards.
5. Make a profit for our stockholders.
Carrying Out Our Mission
In carrying out our core mission, we concentrate on products for the medical market. These include:
  • Pads and positioners for the hospital operating rooms and surgi-center markets.
  • Wheelchair cushions and seating systems; full mattress pads, and knee and elbow pads, for the rehab equipment management market.
These products are unrivaled in reducing the development of decubitus ulcers, or pressure sores. They form when people lie or sit for extended periods on operating tables, beds, or wheelchairs.
Decubitus ulcers are serious tissue traumas that can penetrate through skin and muscle to the bone. Prevention of pressure ulcers will help patients avoid needless pain, suffering and, in the worst cases, death.
AKTON® Soft Dry Polymer
The key element in our products is a space age material called AKTON® Polymer. It was invented in 1970 by W. R. McElroy, Ph. D., our co-founder. AKTON polymer is the primary material in all of our products. It is what separates us from the competition.
No one has AKTON polymer but us, and it is a wondrous material. It looks and feels like a gel, but is more body friendly. It also carries a longer warranty. We once parked a full-sized car on it and moved the wheels. It didn't bottom out or tear, it has memory!
Clinical Proof
But don't take our word for it. Read what the medical community has to say about our products. You can do so on our White Papers page. 
These studies prove that AKTON polymer works to reduce the development of pressure sores. It works better than the gels, foam, water, or air products on the market today. We're proud of that, and we're working hard to improve our products even more.

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