4 Delicious Fall Soups to Keep You Warm and Cozy: Under 200 Calories!

October 18, 2023

There is a lot to love about the Fall season. Watching the transformation of nature as the Autumn leaves turn into a rainbow of brilliant beautiful colors, enjoying a warm drink on a crispy, chilly day, snuggling under a soft, fuzzy blanket, enjoying the apple harvest and festivals, and of course, indulging in healthy comfort foods. Speaking of comfort foods, isn’t Fall the official kickoff of Soup Season? Without a doubt it is!

Soothing and comforting, a delicious, hearty, hot bowl of homemade soup is the perfect way to combat the chill in the Fall air. There is just something about sitting in front of a crackling fireplace or in your favorite cozy nook with a savory soup that warms you up from the inside out.

The great thing about making homemade soups is that most soup recipes are versatile. You can change up the recipes by adding some of your favorite vegetables, herbs, and lean meats. Not only that, but most soup recipes are also easy to put together for a slow simmer and you can make large batches and freeze leftovers for convenient, quick meals throughout the season.

So grab your favorite soup pot, crockpot, or Insta-Pot and give these 4 tasty soup recipes a try. They are low in calories and sure to make you feel warm and cozy as the autumn leaves fall and we ease a little closer to the Winter months.

4 Delicious Fall Soups

Vegetable Beef Soup

This wonderfully wholesome soup, made with your favorite vegetables, gets more flavorful over time so you will want to make a large batch  to make sure you have leftovers.

Delicious Fall Soups

Creamy Black Bean Soup

Here is a super-velvety black bean soup recipe that will increase your fiber intake and make you feel full longer. Also, it freezes beautifully, and tastes even more amazing after being frozen!

Curried Pumpkin Soup

This tasty Pumpkin soup screams Autumn, but it’s wonderful anytime! You will enjoy the sweet/spicy flavor and the richness of the coconut milk!

Delicious Fall Soups

Instant Pot Chicken Zoodle

For an alternative to the traditional, classic chicken noodle soup, this Chicken Zoodle Soup is made in an Instant Pot with spiralized zucchini. Healthy, easy, and so delicious.