Dealing with Stress after Bariatric Surgery

8 Must-Read Articles When Dealing with Stress After Bariatric Surgery

August 27, 2020

Dealing with Stress After Bariatric Surgery - It Matters!

When dealing with stress after bariatric surgery, do you eat to relieve stress and feel better? Stress eating usually causes you to feel worse. We've put together helpful articles to support you dealing with stress and to avoid stress eating and manage stress in healthy ways. Check out these articles to deal with life's ups and downs, and stay in control instead of eating!


Stress Eating After Bariatric Surgery

10 Strategies To Combat Stress Eating After Bariatric Surgery

Authored by Tanie Miller Kabala, Ph.D.
When you're stressed, do you overeat to cope with it? It is common to feel stressed and overwhelmed, and your mind turns to food. Check out the strategies to avoid stress eating!


embracing stress 2

Embracing Stress: Changing Beliefs, Mindsets & Biology

Authored by Dawn Reese
Stress is a part of our lives and it isn't realistic to live a stress-free life. How we approach our stress and manage it is what matters. Find out how you can manage your stress!


What To Do When Life Gets In The Way

What To Do When Life Gets In The Way

Authored by Dr. Robert F. Kushner
Managing stress can be challenging but it doesn't have to get the best of you. Learn how to limit your stress with ways that will help to boost your mood and energy!


stress 1

5 Ways to Combat Stress and Cortisol

Authored by Cathy Wilson, PCC, BCC
Unhealthy ways to cope with stress can include overeating & drinking. Forget about ice cream therapy and learn to understand your body’s reaction to stress and Cortisol! 


stay on track when stressed 2 2

5 Ways to Stay on Track When Stressed After WLS

Authored by Kristin Lloyd, PhD
When stressed, you might regress into old habits of using food to cope. Find out why it is helpful to create a plan that has ways to cope with stress so you can turn to it instead of food! 


Bariatric Nutrition During Times of Crisis 1

Bariatric Nutrition During Times of Crisis is Important

Authored by Bec McDorman, MS, RDN
Experiencing stress during times of crisis or losses can lead us to turn to food to cope. Be prepared for stress by finding ways to help you to de-stress. Check out examples of ways to de-stress! 


Woman with an umbrella and rainbow

Self-Care and Hope During Times of Crisis

Authored by Dr. Steven Reyes 
When you have a crisis in your life, it is time to take care of yourself. Manage your high-stress levels by leaning on your healthy habits so you aren’t numbed out by using food to cope. Learn about the strategies to take action and manage stress! 


stress eating

6 Tips for Stress Management Without Stress Eating

Authored by Dr. Randi Dublin
It can be difficult to know how to manage stress without the aid of food. Comfort food is named that for a reason. Learn how you can change turning to food to cope and develop healthy ways to manage stress!

** If you find yourself in need of immediate assistance or emotional distress, please know there are services available 24/7.