A Guide To Reaching Your Goals

February 2, 2014

Now that we're into this year, are you making headway on the goals you've set?  Keeping motivated and obtaining support for your goals can be difficult to sustain long-term.

Reaching Your Goals Support Style!

Our community is filled with people who have thoughts and dreams about what they would like to accomplish in their pre and post-op life. A great approach to attain those accomplishments is setting up goals (a to-do list)! ObesityHelp.com has a Goals System that you can utilize individually, share publicly with your peers, and even encourage your support group to use for group goals.

To set goals is a powerful process. It becomes even more powerful when you list them through the ObesityHelp Goals System and make them public for others to see. The Goals System is a quick way for you to start and track a new goal of your own, get ideas from your peers for additional goals, create a connection within the community, as well as a way for you to get and leave encouragement.

Useful Features in the Goals System!

  • You can review the goals listed under “Most Popular”, “Most Achieved,” “Recent Goals,” as well as view “My Friends’ Goals”
  • You can view “Members working towards this goal” and “Members who've achieved this.” Under each goal there is also a comments section, this is a GREAT way to cheer each other on. (A great tool for support groups!)
  • You can list your “Goals Working Toward” and later change them to “Goals Achieved”!
  • You can set your Goals to show up on your profile! This is a great way to share your goal milestones and quickly get to the Goals System.

There IS strength in numbers! Some of the common goals we often see in the community concern weight loss and weight maintenance, habit-related, lifestyle, emotional well-being, and career & educational goals. Check out some of the goals other ObesityHelp members are working on. Do you have some of the same goals?

Goals of ObesityHelp Community Members

Popular Goals of ObesityHelp members

Most Achieved Goals of ObesityHelp members

How is your progress in reaching your goals? Are you consistently following the steps to reach your goals? Would you like support from your support group leader, other support group members, and members on ObesityHelp.com? Many people have already accomplished so many goals in their journey and can be a great source of inspiration and guidance to others. You can definitely enter those past goals into the system. Help inspire someone today!

Share, Reflect, & Achieve Victory!

When you have achieved a goal, congratulate yourself. Share your success with others by posting on the OH Groups that you belong to so they can acknowledge your success with you. Some people also find it very helpful to make a reflection blog post about their goal when they set it, have any struggles along the way, as well as when they meet that goal!

With the Goals System, you don’t have to feel alone in the challenges in reaching your goals. The support and camaraderie of other ObesityHelp members enhance your success immeasurably. Use the Goals System tool as your way to victory with your fitness, and life goals.

Click here to share your goals in the ObesityHelp Goals System!

cathy wilson


Cathy Wilson, PCC, BCC, had RNY surgery in 2001 and lost 147 pounds. Cathy is a regular contributor to the OH Blog and authored the "Mind Matters" column in ObesityHelp Magazine. Cathy is a licensed pilot and loves flying. She is a member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC).

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