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American Idol: Who’s Your Top 10 Favorite?

March 9, 2013

Did Your Favorite American Idol Make The Cut?

Did you watch American Idol Thursday night?  I have to say, I found the reveals to be less than stellar television material.  What the heck were they thinking?

Here is my take on the American Idol top ten reveal...

In case you missed it, Ryan Seacrest got himself a good workout.  It involved a long hallway and going up and down stairs while sometimes seemingly chasing the contestant through the corridors.  And back and forth all night he went.  But don’t cry for him Argentina-he is making the big bucks and a little workout never hurt anyone.

Here is how it all went down. The top 20 contestants were separated by the girls and boys and kept in a holding room backstage until Seacrest announced their name.   Don’t ask me why they decided this method of madness.  Was it just my eyes or was it hard to make out who was who in the room at times?  I want to see emotion and faces...always!

Anyway, when the contestant was announced as a finalist, Seacrest escorted them through the dark halls, up the stairs and to the Idol stage. Once the finalist reached the top of the stairs, the video wall opened and out on to the Idol stage the contestant went where they surprised the judges and audience with their top 10 win and then immediately celebrated with a victory song.  I don’t know…for me, it took the excitement right out of the show.  I was hoping for a little more happy tears and knee dropping moments. Some crazy happy dances and interviews with overwhelmed family members would have been nice too.  Give me something!

Paul Jolley was the first singer to be put through to the top ten. He was followed by Burnell Taylor, Curtis Finch, Jr., Devin Velez, and the cliff-hanger Lazaro Arbos.  Charlie Askew broke my heart as he was visibly nervous and shaken when is name was not called. His diversity and unique style had been called in to question by the judges the night before.

Then it was the girls turn. While the top five guy finalist sat on stage in anticipation, Seacrest was still running back and forth through the dark hallway announcing and escorting.  The first girl finalist to be put through was Janelle Arthur, followed by Candice Glover, Angela Miller, Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison.  Did you know that it’s been six darn years since a girl won American Idol?

The evening ended with one final twist.  The guy and gal that just missed making the top ten cut will get to compete in a sing-off for a chance to perform in the summer Idol tour! Yipeee! (Crossing my fingers for Charlie!)

So now (after over 39 million votes) we have our American Idol Season 12 top 10! Although they are all quite talented, my favorite two gals and favorite two guys in the top ten are Burnell and Devin and Candice and Kree.  But I am also pulling for Lazaro!

OK, I am pulling for all of them and that's the truth!  I have to admit...I might be on the fence in the weeks and performances to come!  Darn it!  I hate being so wishy-washy at times!

Photo Credit: rocor

Did your favorite idol make the cut?  Who is your top 10 favorite?  Any guesses as to who will get to be in the sing-off?  What did you think of the new format?