Bariatric Surgery More Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

May 18, 2014

Results of a three-year Cleveland Clinic study indicate that bariatric surgery is more effective for treating Type 2 diabetes when compared to medication alone, even in patients who were not morbidly obese.

The study followed 150 patients who were were overweight or mildly obese and had diabetes that was not well controlled by medication. One-third of whom were treated for their diabetes with medication and lifestyle changes alone; one-third who also got gastric bypass surgery; and one-third who had a different type of bariatric surgery called a sleeve gastrectomy.

After three years, patients in the surgery groups had nearly normal blood sugar levels while taking less medication than those patients treated with medication alone. Researchers do not fully know why surgery is so effective in treating diabetes but believe the results show a benefit that should encourage insurance companies to provide coverage for bariatric surgery to treat diabetes even when patients do not have a BMI over 35.

Source:  Weintraub, K. (2014, March 31). Obesity surgery proves effective for treating diabetes. Retrieved from USA Today :