Before and After DS with Samantha

Before & After DS with Samantha, losing 207 pounds!

September 12, 2017

Why I Decided to Have WLS

After struggling with obesity for most of my life I was finally fed up. I had heard about WLS before but was always under the common misconception that it was for people who wanted the “easy” way out of a hard situation. I had been working out and reducing calories and tried every popular diet and trainer you could think of. I was still huge and each time I would stop one of these extreme programs I would only end up larger than I was before.

Before and After DS with Samantha

Total Weight Loss: 207 pounds
Surgery Type: Duodenal Switch
Surgery Date: 6/23/16
Surgeon: Dr. Ara Keshishian

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

I went to ObesityHelp’s website to explain my situation and a lot of people with much more experience than me HIGHLY urged me to see Dr. Keshishian before making a decision. I almost canceled my appointment and didn’t have hope, but since I was in a dead end, I went anyway.

Dr. Keshishian told me it wasn’t my fault. WHAT!? I had never heard that before.

I usually get shame from doctors who assume I must not be trying or that I am secretly eating something wrong. He ordered tests and told me it was “simply science” and I just LOVED him!

I had a stricture that needed to be repaired so since I needed surgery anyway I decided to go ahead to a surgery that has the highest success rate. I was so scared of my intestines being cut and Dr. Keshishian eased my fears. The Duodenal Switch is the ONLY surgery I would recommend to anyone. As Dr. Keshishian’s simple numbers. It’s the surgery with the highest percent of excess weight lost and kept off.

Before and After DS with Samantha-2

Today I weigh in the low 190’s and I am still losing. Dr. Keshishian's goal for me was about 180. My goal is about 175. I eat more fat now than I ever did even when I was 400 pounds. I enjoy what I eat and I enjoy exercising and most of all I get to enjoy seeing results from my hard work. Food no longer causes me stress and anxiety. I know with 100% certainty that I made the right decision. Thank you to Dr. Keshishian for your great skill and I don’t mean just with the knife but with the way you are able to make a high anxiety situation seem like no big deal.

A Special Milestone / Non-Scale Victory

I actually walk and run and enjoy moving around.

I am not scared to see familiar faces out of embarrassment anymore.

It feels good to smile and be a part of the world instead of hiding behind it.

Has been a part of your journey?

ObesityHelp was absolutely instrumental to me in helping me find my surgeon. I believe I would have still have been in horrible pain with the reflux. I was ready to give up and it was the OH community and information from the site that led me to Dr. Keshishian.

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