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Before & After Gastric Bypass with Letrice!

September 13, 2016

Celebrating Letrice's Before & After RNY Gastric Bypass Journey!

I am both thrilled and honored to share my journey with everyone. There is such enthusiasm and extreme excitement as I compose my journey to share with others!

As a child, I was slightly heavier in weight than most of my peers and as I grew older, I grew heavier. It seemed each year I gained more and more weight. I was very active, I was in track and field, softball and 50 and 100-yard dashes. I developed a love for musical instruments and joined the marching bands in elementary, junior high and high school. I played the clarinet and adored each and every second mastering the notes and keys.

I gave birth to my first daughter in 1987, and during the pregnancy I gained about 50-60 pounds, tipping the scales well into the 200-pound mark. It was difficult and I struggled greatly to control my weight and incorporate a healthier lifestyle.

As a teenager, this was challenging for me and over the years, I continued to gain weight. Eleven years later, I gave birth to a set of boy/girl twins. During my pregnancy I gained 112 pounds and, at that time, I was well over the 300-pound mark.

Over the years, my health began to need serious attention and was deteriorating.I was diagnosed with a host of illnesses such as hypertension, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and I needed a knee replacement. My doctor prescribed pain management medication quite often. My orthopedic surgeon told me I’d be in a wheelchair in about a year. When I received this news I was devastated and I cried like a baby, due to needing knee replacements and being in excruciating pain each and every day.

My doctor is an angel at Kaiser Baldwin Park, CA, who saved my life as she approached me with the Options program. I finally agreed to the program and attended a 26-week program as I prepared for bariatric surgery. After completing the program I did not decide to have weight loss surgery until about a year later. I went through the processes with my highest weight of 369 pounds. During the Options Program, I lost about 50 pounds through exercising and changing my eating habits.

Before & After RNY Gastric Bypass

OH Username: Heavenlyflower
Total Weight Loss: 155 pounds
Surgical Procedure: RNY
Surgery Date: 2/10/2009
Surgeon's Name: Dr. Laurence Tanaka

At my surgery date, my weight was approximately 319 pounds. My sister was very instrumental in my journey, she picked me up and traveled to San Diego with me and stayed by my side the entire time. Thank you, Denise Pettway, you’re the best!

The procedure was fine, no complications at all, the Roux-en-y was just fine. I was very sore; the staff took excellent care of me! My surgeon, Dr. Laurence Tanaka, was very stern and firm with me, I followed his instructions then and even to this day, still following his instructions.

A few days out of surgery, Dr. Tanaka told me not to take my hypertension meds any longer. I was afraid, but I trusted him and I did not need them moving forward. Immediately upon my arrival home, I went on a walk and continued walking. I was introduced to hiking a five-mile loop. I achieved many milestones ½ mile mark, 1 mile, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½, 3, 3 ½ mile marks. Over time I was able to complete the entire 5 miles!

I attended support groups and I had a lot of support at the group meetings. The leaders were amazing. Support groups are fun and very informative and should be leveraged, it is where you’ll find and discover an abundance of optimal and unwavering support.

Kaiser Baldwin Park, CA, Options Program was the absolute best. They took great steps to ensure I was fully prepared with tools and materials to be successful, and I listened very closely. I stop began using my gym membership regularly, and go daily.

Between hiking, walking, spin cycling and lifting weights, I had lost 100 pounds! A total of 155 pounds I've lost!

I take my protein and vitamin supplements each and every day for the past seven years without missing a day. It is my lifestyle now, a part of me and it yields favorable results. My world was changing and opportunities were being placed at my feet.

It’s been 7 years...My journey began February 10, 2009, in San Diego, CA. My life and outlook on life has been changed forever changed! Thank you for reading my story. I am HONORED!


Special Milestones

My background is in the banking industry, Wealth Management and Customer Service Management. While working out at LA Fitness, as my body was transforming, I was approached and asked to manage their Personal Training Program as a Personal Training Director. It was great to get paid to do what I developed a love for - personal training and help others to transform themselves as well. There was no greater feeling when I am constantly being told, that I've motivated someone, gave them hope or that I've inspired someone...Priceless!

Being mistaken for my late 20's is amazing. My oldest daughter is in her late twenties, she’ll be 29 years old, and my twins were 18 in July. I turned 47 years old in April. I am growing older gracefully, healthy and healthier. I’m an ageless beauty!

My outlook and disposition in life is to be a blessing to others, to share my journey to impact, save and enrich lives. I’m convinced it’s my purpose. The way I look and feel speaks volumes to me each and every day. I am truly blessed to be THE BEST OFME and I’m living the life I’ve always imagined and you can too!

My quote: To bring HOPE, the promise of a BETTER LIFE, through health, wellness, and opportunity.

How has been a part of your journey?

I was very grateful and excited to begin my new life of living and not just existing. is a lifesaver. The website provides an amazing support system and an endless stream of products, best practices, and hope. I lived on the website for a long time, I was excited about my changing body, meeting new people, connecting and encouraging others. I appreciate for the forum provided and the countless resources., I salute you!

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