Before After RNY with Deena

Before & After RNY with Deena, down 191 pounds!

June 23, 2020

Why I Decided to Have WLS: The Before & After RNY Journey with Deena!

Like many people, I had been severely overweight for the majority of my adult life. I had been an athlete throughout school, but starting in college and just after, I began to gain weight.

When I decided to have a baby, I was already overweight but gained even more with my pregnancy. My doctor warned me about my weight, and I did try to lose. I tried everything I could find to lose weight, but I could never get very far.

Due to my history in sports, I was no stranger to working out. But it seemed that despite anything I tried, I would have no success. The random diets, the working out, walking, eating too much, eating very little, none of it worked. Sure, I could lose 20 pounds here and there, but it never stayed off and I could not find any way to have major success. 

My career in healthcare was difficult since I was at such a heavy body weight and size. For part of my career, I was a 911 Paramedic working in the field. While the job itself actually contributed to my unhealthy eating habits, it was also extremely difficult to function fully to save other people’s lives while I myself could hardly walk up the stairs to reach them or help carry them to safety.

When I moved into the hospital environment, I still felt like I could not properly care for my patients at my weight. How could I be telling someone how to care for themselves when I didn’t take care of myself?

My body hurt all of the time, I had severe knee problems, even having a knee repair surgery with the surgeon telling me I would need a total knee replacement in the near future.

I was on several medications for acid reflux, depression, pain, among many others. I had been diagnosed with type II diabetes and used a CPAP for sleeping. My family worried about me, and I worried about myself.

I wasn’t sure I would even be around for my kids, if I would survive to see them grow up. I was paranoid about having a heart attack.

I have 3 children and I wanted to be able to run around and play with them, but I couldn’t. I could not get up and down off the floor with them. I got worn out easily and couldn’t do as much with them as I wanted. It made them sad that Mommy couldn’t play with them as they wanted as well.

I always had to sit down and rest after a few minutes. I certainly couldn’t climb on our playset or jump on the trampoline with them. I could get in the pool with them but getting out was very difficult. I was afraid that, as they got older, they would be embarrassed to be seen with me. I didn’t look like the other moms and I didn’t want my kids to be ashamed of me.

Before & After RNY with Deena, down 191 pounds

OH Username: dbesson
Total Weight Loss: 191 pounds
Surgery Type: RNY
Surgery Date: 11/26/2018
Surgeon: Brian Long, MD

I began seeing a new primary care physician and she was the one to suggest the bariatric surgery option. I had briefly considered it before, but I didn’t know if it was for me. I was at the heaviest weight of my life at 363 pounds. and I knew something had to change. I spoke to a few friends who had gastric surgery and took the recommendation of one of them to see Dr. Brian Long at the Nicholson Clinic.

From my initial consult, I knew this was something I wanted to do. They told me all of the options, but at my weight and medical history, the RNY gastric bypass seemed like the best option with the greatest potential for success.

They set me up with nutrition training and pre-surgical counseling. I feel this was so important. I have spoken to a few people who have had the surgery who weren’t successful, and they felt like they were not fully prepared for the surgery. It seems like a person has to be ready to change their own life mentally first.

This surgery is simply a tool, and to be able to use it successfully, a person must be ready to do so.

I wasn’t too apprehensive about the actual surgery, having been through surgeries in my life previously. I feel like I was well prepared by what to expect, and I had a great support system from my family and my work. I had the surgery one morning and spent one night in the hospital.

I went back to work rather quickly, actually only spending one week at home before going back to work at a desk job. Eating was much different after surgery, of course. The post-op diet I was given was very detailed and started with liquids, working my way up to small meals, and eventually sensible eating.

Before & After RNY with dbesson

I found that my tastes actually changed, and I no longer liked some things I used to and love some things I never liked previously. I find it much easier to eat a healthy diet now because of this tool.

I have found groups like ObesityHelp and my local clinic's Facebook support group which are extremely helpful! It has been great to be able to speak to people just like me, learning not only about their journeys but being able to share helpful tips and successes as well.

Special Milestones & Non-Scale Victories

Today I have a new life. I feel absolutely amazing! I have more energy, I am happier in all facets of my life, my body doesn’t hurt anymore, my family is proud of me and I am proud of myself.

  • My kids love that I can run around with them and do anything they want to do.
  • I can jump on our trampoline with them now!
  • I no longer take any medications.
  • I no longer have type II diabetes.
  • I no longer use a CPAP.
  • I am proud to go to the gym to workout.

I am happy with all I am capable of doing!

Looking back, my only regret is not having this surgery sooner. It is a fantastic tool that has allowed me to get where I need to be which is healthy and happy.

When I look back at old pictures of myself, I don’t recognize that person. At the time I never thought I looked that big, but now I can see how unhealthy I was. I keep comparison pictures in a special album on my phone to remind me of where I was and how far I have come.

I am proud of myself every single day and I am never going back to where I was.

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