before afterr rny with leah

Before & After RNY with Leah, losing 123 pounds!

February 7, 2017

Things worth obtaining are not necessarily easy. Every day I give thanks for the life-changing and health-providing surgery I had 15 years ago. Never did I imagine that life would look like this. Being rolled into the operating room at 270 pounds, I vividly remember asking God to allow this procedure to be successful after employing every technique possible to achieve better health. Little did I understand in that moment how very different life would be today.

Before & After RNY

OH Username: ladavids
Total Weight Loss: 123 pounds
Surgical Procedure: RNY
Surgery Date: 8/15/2001
Surgeon's Name: Dr. Michael Schwartz

I am able to walk down the street without verbal – and sometimes physical – attacks, I’m able to fly without sideway glances upon requesting a seatbelt extender, and I’m able to walk around the block without shortness of breath and knee pain. I have completed a 5K, I became a fitness instructor, and probably most importantly, I am able to be an advocate and educator regarding the obesity epidemic and the fact that there is so often a genetic predisposition to this disease.

leah davidson

I am reminded – because of my own journey – to live the following quote daily: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” (Plato). Feeling grateful, full of appreciation, and comforted that I’ve had another day on this earth.

I was very fortunate to have a very talented and empathetic doctor (Dr. Schwartz, Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis). And, just as important was the wonderful care team and nurses at Abbott; their knowledge and sensitivity in caring for gastric bypass patients cannot be overstated.

Special Milestones and Non-Scale Victories

• Fitting into a conference room chair comfortably
• Wearing an airplane seatbelt without an extender
• Being able to shop from the “normal sizes” in department stores
• Being able to walk a block without running out of breath and needing to sit down
• What’s that? Attention from men (at the time, a crazy new experience for me!)
• Running a 5K
• Becoming a fitness instructor

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