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Before & After RNY with TheChief94, down 176 pounds!

February 18, 2020

Why I Decided to Have WLS

As a child, I had no issues with weight control. If anything, I was decidedly underweight (“skeletal” - think 6’2” at 130 pounds in my senior year of high school). After school, I joined the Navy, and even though the service was BIG on high-carb meals (they were cheap), I was very active in my job, and thus burned off the excessive calories and carbs daily. This held true until I put on the hat of a senior enlisted; my activity started to decline (my job became more sedentary - handling a desk), and my weight began a slow climb.

After leaving the service, my jobs tended to be “low-impact,” and I did not get out and about as much as I needed to keep my weight gain in “check.” Weighing 230 pounds at retirement, my weight gradually ballooned over 12 years to a “high” of 353 pounds. The excess weight brought on a host of comorbidities: hypertension, GERD, Type II diabetes, sleep apnea – the list was long. In short, my bad habits were killing me!

Many diets were tried and discarded, as “unworkable.” Atkins, South Beach, and others I did not like; I would fall off the wagon, or would just quit mid-stream. I was getting to the end of my rope, if not the end of my life. At that point, in 2011, I read an article about something called “bariatric surgery,” which, after reading more and consulting with my doctor, I decided to investigate further. I had to do SOMETHING, even something drastic if I wished to be here for my grandchildren.

Before & After RNY with TheChief94Before & After RNY with TheChief94

OH Username: TheChief94
Total Weight Lost: 176 pounds
Surgery Type: RNY
Surgery Center: Village Surgical Associates

Having Surgery and Life as a Post-Op

The week before surgery was a week filled with trepidation. I had been well-prepared by the surgeon, nurses, and nutritionists, but, as with any life-changing event, the fear was there, and it was real. I was put at ease by the medical personnel that attended me.

After the procedure, I awakened to manageable pain but was afraid to get up, lest something break loose in there, lol. I was assured that a LOT of patients have the same fear; it was “normal,” but I needed to get my tail out of that bed and start RECOVERING. So, I did!

In the early years after my RNY, things were a bit rocky. Four months out, the VA gave me a flu shot – bad call, lol, it put me in the hospital with the flu and severe dehydration.  About eight months later, my gallbladder decided to go on strike, so another surgery (no biggie, my life was getting better all the time). Since that time, things have evened out, my weight now fluctuates between 175 – 180, and is easily manageable as long as I remember to follow the rules!

Milestones and NSV’s

  • Went from size 53 pants to size 32
  • Went from size XXL shirts to size Medium
  • Donated all my old clothes to the homeless shelter, except for one pair of “trophy” jeans
  • Working with family members and friends to get involved in their weight management.
  • Learned how to eat PROPERLY – “Eat to live, not live to eat.”
  • Co-morbidities have disappeared.
  • Medications have gone from 35 pills/tablets per day to only 4.
  • Can get “out-and-about” freely, and “fit” into my favorite ride!
  • I am now LITERALLY half the man that I used to be!

How has been part of my journey

When I signed up at the bariatric center’s seminar, I was informed that, if accepted, I would be REQUIRED to join That annoyed me, as I do not like being told what to do, lol. But ultimately, I discovered a WEALTH  of information, understanding members, and a LOT of support from those who have “been there – done that”! I visit on a routine basis; if I have a situation develop, I know I can go to OH and find an answer from people who KNOW and are not afraid to share their victories as well as their setbacks!

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