Before & After VSG with David

Before & After VSG with David, losing 111 pounds!

April 30, 2019

My WLS Journey

On April 13, 2017, I started on a journey to improve my health. I had Type II Diabetes and was morbidly obese. At the time of my surgery, I was 413 pounds. In the past, I weighed as much as 440 pounds.

Since that date, I’ve lost 111 pounds, and have also gotten rid of my Type II Diabetes. YAY! This past year I walked over 2,000 miles and regularly participated in 5K run/walks (this guy doesn't really run unless it's after my beautiful girlfriend). I also participated in a 5K mud run on June 16th, which I've been wanting to do for many years (scratching a huge bucket list item off my list). I regularly go on hikes and set a goal to walk over 2,500 miles in the next year. I’ve also gotten back into competing in sanctioned Frisbee golf tournaments, and my throwing distance has increased substantially.

Before & After VSG with David

OH Username: dvandergiessen
Total Weight Loss: 111 pounds
Surgery Type: VSG
Surgery Date: April 13, 2017
Surgeon: Dr. Michael Russo

The sizes of my clothes have dropped dramatically from a 5X shirt to a 2X, and I've lost at least 14 inches off my waist. I am 20 pounds from my surgeon's goal weight and want to surpass that. I am extremely proud and empowered, and feel like life has just begun! After the gastric sleeve procedure, I started exercising, changed my diet to make sure I was getting the proper nutrition and made a permanent lifestyle change so I could enjoy this wonderful world for a much longer time.

Before & After VSG with David

I do struggle at times wanting to snack on chips or chocolate, and eat things that aren't within my nutrition plan. But then I remember why I had the surgery in the first place. Once a week, I do allow myself a little special snack so I don't go nuts...We ALL still have to work on, and fix our brain though, because it can work against us at times.

I truly feel support groups within the WLS community are vital to our success and help with our shortcomings. I have an outstanding and supportive group that meets on Monday nights at Orange Coast Memorial in Fountain Valley, CA. Fellowship is essential, and I have met amazing new friends, and look forward to making many new friends in the future. One of my goals is also to help others in their weight loss journey, by being a mentor and example that ANYTHING is possible if you are willing and set your mind to it.

The ObesityHelp Community ROCKS! The OH support staff is amazing as well! Thank you ALL, for ALL you do!

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