Before & After VSG with Eric

Before & After VSG with Eric’s 187 Pound Weight Loss!

April 12, 2016

Celebrating Eric's Before & After VSG Journey!

I grew up in a poor family by a single mom, and we went without food and many other things such as electricity, heat, and phone for long periods of time. When I grew up, I vowed I would not be hungry when I had money of my own.

I was always an athlete until I had a knee injury that stopped me from being active and burning calories like an athlete does. My weight issues occurred because I continued eating like an athlete. I gained 90 pounds in nine months and continued to gain between 5 and 10 pounds every year for the next 20 years. I lost and gained 100 pounds three separate times in that same 20 year period. Before I realized it, I weighed 427 pounds. Like most people with a weight problem, I tried every fad diet that came out, never finding a way to lose weight and live a healthy life.

Before & After VSG

OH Username: Iwant2behealthy
Total weight loss: 187 pounds
Surgery Type: RNY Gastric Bypass
Surgery Date: March 16, 2015
Surgeon: Dr. Noel Williams

I had two sister-in-laws that had RNY surgery 12 and 8 years ago and had achieved success but I was afraid of having weight loss surgery. My weight got to the point that I was more afraid of my weight-related issues than having weight loss surgery.

I decided to research weight loss surgery for myself. As I studied WLS, I lost 80 pounds in seven months pre-surgery. I was very encouraged by this weight loss. Then, the holidays came and I gained back 50 pounds in two months. I knew it was time to change my life.

I buckled down and went from weighing 427 to 362 on the day of my surgery. After having VSG, I feel as though I've been given a second chance. I started riding my bike again and I love it. Now, I am working on fitness and being healthy while trying to be a positive role model for my children and the kids that I coach in sports.

I have heard other people say that they would get WLS every year if it was a requirement to keep the weight off and health benefits.  Now, as a VSG post-op, I understand it and completely agree!  Thankfully, if we follow the plan of our surgeons, we don't have to do that.

A Special Milestone

I made it back to my college weight of 245 pounds.  I fit into a 2xlt. Recently, I bought a new suit and it was a 46 extra long versus my previous size of a 60 extra long. 245, my college weight. I fit back into a 2xlt. I went and bought a new suit, it was a 46 extra long from a 60 extra long. I see people that I haven't seen for a while and start talking to them, and they don't recognize me until they hear my voice!

How has been a part of your journey?

I read the ObesityHelp message boards every day. It helps me keep on track. If I can help to support another member, that's a bonus for me.  When I do that, I'm paying it forward for all the many other OH members that have been there for me on my own WLS journey.   and if I can help someone

I hope to go to an ObesityHelp Conference wherever it is. I'm so glad I found and have had so many vets and other members share their experiences and guidance with me. There are so many people on OH that go out of their way to help newcomers so I want to say thanks to all of you!

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