Before & After VSG with Tilisha

Before & After VSG with Tilisha, down 83 pounds!

February 8, 2022

Why I decided to have WLS

Before & After VSG with Tilisha: I have always been overweight throughout my high school and college years. One thing that made me get serious about losing weight was being pregnant with my son and developing gestational diabetes. The thought of developing diabetes later in life scared me so I worked hard to lose weight. From diet pills to strict diets, marathons, competitions: I have done it all.

I had maintained a 14-year weight loss going up and down on the scales but maintaining as best I could. I moved to a new city, turned in my late 30’s and put all my weight back on up to 245lbs on a 5’1.5 frame. Nothing that I had done in the past worked anymore. And I knew the work it would take to get it off was going to get harder and harder without some form of help. I did not make the decision quickly.

I became a fitness coach, bootcamp instructor, etc. What would my peers think of me and having this surgery? As a cheater taking the easy way out?

After a year of researching VSG and watching other people’s success stories, I decided to do what was best for me. The weight loss journey is very hard but daily it feels like your body is fighting you to get back to the higher weight AND I still feel this way after VSG. I feel VSG was the tool I needed to help manage my weight. One of the things I have been working on is balance and no extremes. Before VSG everything was extreme. 500 calorie this or check off 8 miles a day, sometimes doing three times a day work out.

VSG has allowed me the opportunity to have balance.

Before & After VSG with Tilisha

Name: Tilisha
Total Weight Loss: 83 pounds
Surgery Type: VSG
Surgery Date:  10/13/2017
SurgeonDr. Guillermo Alverez

My Surgery and Post Op Life

I found EndoBariatric via Black Women to get sleeved to the weight loss group on Facebook. Since my insurance didn’t cover the surgery, I was looking for other ways to have it and many people were zooming to Mexico. I wasn’t very certain about going to Mexico, but I ran across a young lady that flew from New York to have surgery with Dr. Alverez at his EndoHospital in Piedras Negras.

I found comfort that someone felt safe enough to fly alone and the fact that Dr. A was right across the Texas Border. I also met Brandi Carter from my home state of Arkansas who has helped countless people from our state utilize Dr. A. To me, this was a win-win!

I was amazed at the accommodations from the hotel we stayed in. It was amazing. I met up with three other ladies for surgery the same day as mine because Dr. A only does 3-5 surgeries a day. We could have a light dinner the night before and met with the staff. 

On the day of surgery, I was a bit nervous but proudly sat on the losers bench to take my before photo. Looking back at the photo reminds me that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I went last to have my surgery. The funny thing is when I woke up, I didn’t even realize I had the surgery. My best friend literally had to tell me I was done. LOL. Dr. Alverez came to check on me and advised walking around the hospital to avoid gas symptoms and so I was able to do that all day. I had no problems getting up and walking the hospital. We were allowed to get a massage and slushies at a nearby movie theatre. I stayed an extra day in San Antonio before flying back to Houston but easily could have flown straight back to Houston.

I was in no pain at all with the surgery. Our post-op diet was really strict, but it was easy to maintain.

Having this surgery brought back my confidence. I love fashion and so wearing my clothes again has been the best feeling in the world. Before surgery I had gained so much weight back, I was starting to feel pain in my back and feet.

Now, being 83lbs down, I no longer have these concerns and can incorporate fitness into my daily life in moderation. I lift weights 4 times a week and walk the other days. Having fashion and fitness back in my life has changed everything and I am thankful.

Please, if you are looking for a surgeon choose Dr. Alvarez. He is the best. He cares and knows his stuff. Don’t be scared to utilize Mexico as a resource for your surgery. There are good doctors in Mexico, you just got to do your research. I already have one for your list.

I have no regrets about having VSG. I gave up Diet Mt. Dew and since surgery, I have had one can because I had a tummy ache. But it has been easy to not develop that habit again.

Now that I am a few years out, I can eat more things but as mentioned the VSG surgery has allowed me to focus on balanced. Balanced eating, balanced workouts, a balanced life. I stick to high protein meals but do not overly watch every calorie anymore. I have had several folks reach out regarding VSG and several people that have had surgery because I told my story. I hope this helps others to utilize this tool for a better life.

Special Milestones: Before & After VSG with Tilisha

  • Gave up diet soda and this was a hard one. LOL
  • Fit back into my forever dress. This is a ball gown dress that when I put it on, I know I have arrived. I love fashion and so fitting my clothes again has been special to me.
  • Being able to walk and run again without my feet hurting and lifting ALL the weights again. Shoutout to my F45 family at Katy Westlake here in Houston, TX
Before & After VSG with Tilisha

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