Before and After VSG with Brittany

Before and After VSG with Brittany, down 130 pounds!

September 28, 2021

Why I decided to have WLS

Before and After VSG with Brittany: The decision to have surgery was not one that I made lightly. I thought about it for years and even met with a couple of different surgeons before moving forward. I had tried everything possible to lose weight on my own, but it was never enough. This entire journey has been and even still is, very emotional and requires a lot of psychological strength to maintain.

I personally feel triumph in every day that I continue to make good choices for myself and my future. I had to be my own support. I had to learn to be patient with myself and then to have increased self-awareness to continue this journey. I had to understand that this was not a journey that had a start and an end; it is a new beginning to a lifelong style of living.

Pre-operatively, I just followed instructions given to me by my doctor, Dr. Nikhilesh Sekhar, did everything that I was told, and was disciplined about the next steps and what I could do. I made this a priority and did not dwell too much on how “annoying” it may have been to commute to so many appointments. I just did it.

Before and After VSG with Brittany

Name: Brittany
Total Weight Loss: 130 pounds
Surgery Type: VSG
Surgery Date:  2/5/2020
Surgeon: Dr. Nikhilesh Sekhar

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

After surgery, I stuck with all of the guides given to me by Dr. Nikhilesh Sekhar. I thought about how much I wanted this new life for myself, and that is what kept me determined to reach my goals. Starting to see results, is what kept me motivated to keep going.

I had a particularly hard time mentally because I was not supported by my family in the ways that I should have been. I started a video diary where I just spoke about what I was currently feeling. I hope that one day I will look back at them and be able to reflect and rejoice in my progress.

I have completely changed my relationship with food and have adapted so many healthy habits, that I will hold on to forever.

I am so loud and proud of my journey that I have even found myself becoming a mentor to and inspiring others. I never could have dreamt that people would be coming to me for advice on health. It makes me feel so good to be able to have an impact on others. I have even taken a second job in a bariatric center and I am just getting started. I look forward to taking on any opportunity that I can to share my journey with others and to continue to help others along the way.

Before and After VSG with Brittany

Special Milestones / Non-Scale Victories

A few special milestones that I have had are: being able to share clothes with my friends, shopping in the same stores as my friends, keeping up with people while walking, fitting into rides at amusement parks.

Before and After VSG with Brittany

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