Before and After VSG with Lissete

Before and After VSG with Lissete, losing 107lbs!

October 16, 2018

Why I Decided to Have WLS

As a child, I remember always being made fun of because of my weight. At the young age of 5 years old, I weighed an outstanding 97 pounds and things only got worse as the years went by.

Food was a coping mechanism for me as I dealt with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Like many people, I ate my feelings in large quantities. At 21 years old, I weighed about 270 pounds. I got to a point where my ankles and knees would ache from walking, I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes without getting out of breath, and I couldn't play with my nieces because I was constantly tired.

For a long time, I tried and was convinced I could lose the weight on my own by trying different pills, shakes, diets, and exercise plans. What I didn’t realize was my mindset and the way I thought about food was what had to change.

When I started researching weight loss surgery after learning about a couple of family members had gone through it, I decided it may be a second chance at life for me. I researched a hospital, surgeon and the different bariatric surgery procedures. Although I was nervous about the big lifestyle change I would have to make, terrified of loose skin, and my hair falling out, I knew that this would only change my life for the better. In January 2017, I decided I was going to have weight loss surgery.

Before and After VSG with Lissete

Total weight loss: 107 lbs
Surgery type: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
Surgery date: 06/20/2017
Surgeon: Dr. Kini Subhash

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

Walking into the hospital I was extremely terrified since this was my very first surgery. However, the process was extremely smooth and my surgeon made me feel comfortable throughout the entire experience. I was in pain for about the first three days, I mainly felt sore and had little to no appetite. As a new post-op, I followed my surgeon's guidelines in terms of my diet, mainly liquids the first three days and then pureed foods after. I walked as much as I could and at two weeks post-op, I was cleared for light cardio which I began right away at the gym.

Before and After VSG with Lissete

After my 6-week check-in, I immediately began lifting weights, after being cleared by my surgeon, and have fallen in love with it since. My life today is amazing, I reached my goal weight at eight months post-op (160 lbs, I’m 5’7) and have been working on maintaining and continue lifting weights in order to tone my body.

I have learned to eat meals that fuel my body rather than eating simply because I feel like it. I have also learned to not fully suppress any cravings, anything in moderation is okay. Finally, I’ve learned that consistency is also the key to success. I have remained consistent with my meals and workouts since I started this journey and have seen amazing progress that I am truly proud of.

Special Milestone and Non-Scale Victories

My confidence has skyrocketed in all areas of my life, but especially at work. I used to be a very shy, timid woman who did not like sharing her thoughts or opinions. I barely let my voice be heard. After my WLS, I have gained a new confidence that allows me not only to speak up but also make my presence acknowledged. I raise my head up high and no longer feel ashamed when speaking.

How Has Been a Part of Your Journey? was a huge part of my journey during the beginning as I began doing my research on WLS. I found a community of people who had already gone through the process or had similar questions like mine. Many of my questions were answered online which was awesome!

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