Empowered and Unstoppable

Empowered and Unstoppable: Weight Regain

September 1, 2021

Why I’m Empowered and Unstoppable

Empowered ... I am stronger and more confident, especially in controlling my own life.

Unstoppable... impossible to stop or prevent me from going back to my old habits that made me unhealthy and unfit.

It’s July 2021 and the world is finally coming out of an apocalyptic pandemic. So many worlds have been turned upside down, some definitely far worse than others over the past year and a half.

Ok, so here goes (with a deep breath ) for me to share my weight loss journey with you. First, let me take a step back a few years ago.

My Journey

It all started in April 2017- age 50, size 16, 255 lbs, 5’7 with type 2 diabetes and on medication for it and high blood pressure. I consulted with Dr. Shawn Garber in need of an umbilical hernia repair. At that time, he told me I had to lose a lot of weight in order for him to consider doing such a repair, and trust me, I was mortified! I always felt very confident and attractive at any weight but my health was taking a toll.

Reality check, please!

So, April 2017 ... my first life-changing alert... I had VSG surgery and was dropping some serious weight and fast.  I got down to a size 4-6 jeans/dress within a year. Amazing! I felt on top of the world!

I was off all meds, had my hernia repaired, and had a tummy tuck that made my stomach so strong and flat. I wore a bikini on the beaches like I was a teenager.  I shot TV commercials, did testimonials and even had my very own billboard... let’s just say  “This girl is on fire!” until...

Ummm ... well.... not really ....another reality check ...

Regain: Let's just say .. If you've regained weight after successfully losing it, you're not alone!

Yes, I admit it .. by the year 2021 age 54,  I realized I had a huge relapse. I regained 60-65 lbs and went back on Metformin (Type 2 Diabetes) and now Cholesterol medication. It just crept up on me, like seriously!

My life completely changed and was turned upside down.. once again! I missed my carbs, my bagels, my pizza, and of course my pasta. I experimented with my enemy.  All it took was just a try and I was hooked and out of control! WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF??????

Much to my surprise and definitely in denial during my annual physical in Feb 2021, my PCP told me my numbers were totally out of control and that I need to contact my bariatric surgeon again.

 I’m like, “OMG I can’t face the music here. I'm totally embarrassed and there is no way I can walk in there, not after my experience of feeling and looking so terrific in 2017.”

Well, I did .. again... and in April 2021 I had the gastric bypass this time, with Dr. John Angstadt. Talk about being given a second chance!

This time, I am well prepared and I promised myself I'd be much more successful at being empowered and unstoppable. I am prepared as to how this all works. I am prepared that if I do not respect my body I’ll pile on the pounds, once again!

Empowered and Unstoppable

Empowered and Unstoppable: Take-Aways

Let me tell you.. at any age, you can change your health around. It’s mind over matter. It’s patience, love, and accepting change.  If your doctor suggests a particular bariatric surgery, your entire life approach will likely change following it. You’ll have to stick to a strict diet and adjust to life with your new appearance. Trust me, nothing tastes better than a slimmer healthier version of you!

I must say my experience with both WLS’s has been incredible.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount about being both: empowered and unstoppable. One is a bit different than the other yet both with the same goal.

I follow the diet provided by my nutritionist that supported me with my food choices. I am currently taking daily vitamins, and I work out every day which I truly enjoy. I do not crave sugar or carbs and I realize nothing seriously tastes better than where I am now.

Literally, at age 54, I’m healthier and I look younger than I did when I was in my 40s.

I have participated in a few Zoom Q&A sessions where others have been free to ask me about my experiences with both WLS journeys, hernia repair, and my tummy tuck.

WLS has helped me change my mindset towards how I view food. Carbs are what put me in the danger zone for more than half my life. Now I go out to eat like everyone else, but I take accountability for my actions. Learning how to eat again and making better choices is a journey by itself that I’m very grateful for.

My health and future are up to me!
Your health and future are up to you!
I finally feel like I've nailed it and so can you!

I’m open to helping anyone that is considering or even struggling with WLS.

I hope to Empower you and make you feel just as Unstoppable!

Empowered and Unstoppable
nicole stein


Nicole Stein struggled with obesity on and off most of her life. She was being treated with prescription medications for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Her life changed when she had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) on May 24th, 2017. On October 25, 2017, after losing 79 pounds, she then pursued a hernia repair with a tummy tuck. Between her VSG and tummy tuck, she went from 250 pounds to 156 pounds!