goals after bariatric surgery

Happy New Year! Reach Your Goals After Having Bariatric Surgery!

December 31, 2018

Now that the Holidays are behind us, have you set the goals you want to achieve in 2019? Let's ring in the New Year prepared and ready to accomplish your goals after bariatric surgery for the success you want!

Reach Your Goals After Bariatric Surgery

There is a big difference in setting goals and making a wish list. You'll be more apt to reach the goals after bariatric surgery that you've set if they are SMART goals. Make 2019 your best year yet!

Goals: Set Goals, SMART Ones

Be SMART To A Healthy New You: The key to a meaningful resolution is a S.M.A.R.T Plan. This allows us to break it down into small, manageable steps. Using a Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound plan, you can achieve your goals.

Set & Track Your Goals: Thousands of bariatric surgery patients have entered their goals into the ObesityHelp Goal System as a way to be accountable and stay on track in achieving their goals. Go ahead and get started today by adding your new goals!

10 Ways To Stay Focused and Reach Your Goals: There are speed bumps and other obstacles that pop up throughout the year. Don't let those obstacles keep you from reaching your goals, take the time to be proactive and stay focused.

Create a 3-Step Plan To Be Your Best Self: In addition to achieving goals, it’s also important to focus on being the person you most want to be. Too often we ignore being our best self in the hustle and bustle of life, working tirelessly toward accomplishment.

Stay Motivated with Lifestyle Changes & 5 Steps For Your Promise: Two of the key factors for reaching any goals are to be persistent and consistent. Find out how to stay motivated each step of the way to honor the promise you made to yourself when you set your goals!

Goals: Bariatric Surgery, Weight Loss Surgery

8 Strategies for Success After Weight Loss Surgery: Most of us think that success after WLS is that we've lost the excess weight we want. Yes, that is an indicator of success but there's much more to it. The gauge of your success isn't limited to the scale. Learn about the larger picture of success with WLS and celebrate your own successes!

What To Do If Your Friends and Family Don't Support Your WLS Decision:  When we decide to have WLS, we hope to have the support of our friends and family. Sometimes, that doesn't occur for a variety of reasons. Keep in mind, it is your decision, your life, your health, and your body. Use the 8 tips to help those people understand your decision!

Benefits & Risks of Bariatric Surgery: Is It For You? - The maze of information about bariatric surgery can be overwhelming to navigate. By reading about the benefits and risks, you'll have a better understanding to weigh the benefits against the risks to make the best decision for yourself!

Update for Long-Term WLS Post-Ops: Potential Issues To Watch Out For: Success is a day-to-day process that requires a combination of many factors. Even when a patient is a long-term post-op, issues can come up. Make sure you know the potential issues you need to watch out for to catch them early!

What To Expect From a Lap-Band Revision to VSG, RNY, or DS - Many of us consider having revision surgery for a variety of reasons. For example, if you had a Lap-Band and are considering a revision to another weight loss surgery procedure, check out what to expect from revising to the VSG, RNY, or DS!

Goals: Plastic Surgery, Body Contouring

What You Need to Know About Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss: Many people that have had a massive weight loss consider body contouring. The process and recovery from plastic surgery are different than other surgeries. Check out what you can do to maximize your results!

How To Prepare for Plastic Surgery Before Reaching Your Goal WLS Weight: If you haven't reached your goal weight after having WLS, you can be proactive and start to prepare for plastic surgery. Begin your physical and emotional preparations ahead of time so you're ready when the time is right for plastic surgery!

The Reality of Skin Elasticity After Bariatric Surgery: Due to years of obesity or yo-yo dieting, our skin can lose elasticity which can be an issue to having plastic surgery after WLS. Read to understand the process of inflation and deflation of skin with examples of photos so you can be informed for your own plastic surgery!

Need a Plastic Surgery Revision?: What happens when your plastic surgery doesn't produce the results you want? Did you experience complications or are the results not quite what you wanted? Understand the four categories of plastic surgery revisions to see if a revision is right for you!

What To Expect For Your Tummy Tuck, Breasts, and Arm Lifts - For many of us, we aren't prepared for the appearance of our body after massive weight loss. The amount of hanging, excess skin can be a problem physically and mentally. Know what you can expect from a tummy tuck, breasts lift, and arm lifts!

Goals: Motivation - Get It, Keep It

Hoping To Get & Stay Motivated? Why More Willpower Isn't The Answer: You can have the best system in place to reach your goals but you need motivation. Motivation tends to be high when you start working on a goal and then tends to wane. Get motivated and keep it going by understanding the types of motivation!

Keeping Yourself Motivated After Bariatric Surgery: Motivation is important and something that most of us struggle with. Motivation doesn't have to be an elusive thing you battle to keep. Now that you've set your goals, you need to take action, and get motivated with the five ways to keep motivated after having bariatric surgery!

Are You Lost? 10 Ways To Get Back On Track: During the past few days, weeks (or years), does it seem as though you've veered off track of your goals after bariatric surgery? You aren't alone because many others experience the same thing. Learn how you can get motivated to stay consistent to reach your goals and dreams!

How To Find Motivation and 7 Ways to Keep It: What type of motivation keeps you going - intrinsic or extrinsic? You can find motivation both intrinsically and extrinsically. Know the difference between these two types of motivation and use the 7 ways that you can keep your motivation in high gear!

8 Tips To Get Rid of Bad Habits After WLS: Have you slipped back into old habits you had before WLS? It is difficult to stay motivated to achieve your goals if bad habits get in your way. Find out how to get rid of your old habits to make way for new healthy habits that'll take you to success!

Goals: Don't Wait, Start Today

New Years Day Can Be Any Day:  While New Year's Day often symbolizes a fresh start, it is important to know that you don't have to wait each year to set goal. You can set your own personal start date at any time of the year!