Anxiety Before Bariatric Surgery

How To Handle Anxiety Before Bariatric Surgery And Plastic Surgery

June 6, 2022

The anticipation before having surgery can often be the most difficult part of the entire process.  Despite what type of procedures you are scheduled to undergo, there are many ways that you can help reduce anxiety before bariatric surgery and plastic surgery. 

Researching what to expect during and after your operation is common, but most people neglect to learn about how to prepare yourself BEFORE your operation. This preparation is both physical and mental.  Your surgeon will likely give you specific instructions regarding diet and lifestyle recommendations, however, mental preparation may fall on each patient individually.  Here are some tips and techniques to help alleviate preoperative anxiety.

How To Handle Anxiety Before Bariatric Surgery And Plastic Surgery

Ask your surgeon what you should expect to experience on the day of surgery

  • Your surgeon can likely explain exactly what he/she anticipates your hospital course to consist of from the moment of your arrival until the time of your discharge.
  • The more you understand about the flow of the day, the less you have to worry about the unknown.

Ask about pain/discomfort

  • This is usually the most worrisome aspect of having surgery.  Have your surgeon explain what type of pain you should expect as well as his/her plan for controlling it.

Attend a support group

  • There are lots of people who have already undergone the surgery you are about to have.  Let them explain their experience to you in ways you may better understand.  Often these types of forums are available virtually as well as in person.

Take time off work

  • Most patients plan ahead to take time off from work after their procedure, but not many take time off beforehand. If you are able to, consider taking time off from work one or two days prior to your surgery. This allows you to time focus on yourself and finalize any preparations you need to make.

Get a good night of sleep

  • You're mind is most at rest when your body is able to do the same.  Anxiety may make it difficult to fall asleep but you should try and get a full night of sleep the night before your surgery. Surgery doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Rest assured that your surgeon and healthcare team have your safety and experience as their priority.

Dr. Harvey Rainville is a board certified General and Bariatric surgeon at New York Bariatric Group

Anxiety Before Bariatric Surgery
Harvey Rainville


Dr. Harvey Rainville is a board certified General and Bariatric surgeon at New York Bariatric Group. He completed his undergraduate education at Baylor University. He later moved to New York City in 2006, where he completed his General Surgery residency at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine at Montefiore Hospital. Dr. Rainville went on to specialize in Robotic and Bariatric Surgery at the University of Texas in Houston.