Loving Memory of Linda Lombardo

In Loving Memory of Linda Lombardo

May 27, 2021

A life well-lived is the most exquisite work of art. ~ Erwin McManus

Loving Memory of Linda Lombardo

With very heavy hearts and deep sadness, the ObesityHelp team shares that our longtime friend and ObesityHelp Volunteer Pioneer, Linda Lombardo passed away on May 19, 2021. To share the loving memory of Linda Lombardo, she was one in a million, with an unforgettable spirit who touched so many hearts and souls throughout her lifetime. Her smile always lit up a room. Her energy and happiness were endless and magnetic. She made the world a better place and taught us all about living life to its fullest.

Our friendships with Linda began at our ObesityHelp Conferences, where she was a tireless volunteer always at the forefront of giving her time and energy to help others. As a WLS advocate, Linda was steadfast as a leader with her goals and mission to help and support others. Living out loud, she somehow quietly pioneered the path for so many others along the way.  She taught the gift of giving, the gift of being present with each person she met.

Whether it be helping to stuff the swag bags, checking in the Conference attendees, making the rounds to offer support, or dancing the night away, she brought light, love, and laughter to every conference. She was a true bariatric surgery advocate. Linda was a role model to many and an inspiration to all. She always had a hug to offer and kind words to share. Wherever Linda was, a promised adventure was always in the midst and treasured lifelong friendships were being formed.

Linda was a cherished wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. She lived like it was heaven on earth and will be fondly remembered...forever and a day.

The ObesityHelp Team extends our heartfelt condolences to Linda’s family and friends.

Loving Memory of Linda Lombardo

Tributes of Linda:

It was 10 years ago that I attended my first OH event. I was looking forward to the education and hoped to make new friends. Little did I know I would meet a new best friend in Linda Lombardo. I was drawn to her friendliness and openness but, most of all, her sense of adventure. Linda was such a proud ambassador of the WLS community, always making sure to meet and include new attendees. I am so fortunate to have enjoyed her company and can’t begin to describe how much she will be missed.

- Jackie Stewart

I met Linda in Chicago in 2009 at an ObesityHelp Conference, and she attended every OH event after that. She was always one of the first friends of ours to check in with us to see if she could help out with anything. I found her very easy to be friends with, a very open woman and non-judgmental. I experienced nothing but kindness and positivity from her, and I wish peace for all of her family and friends with her passing. I know she has made many friends across the bariatric community and supported them all.

- Kim Gyurina, OH Events Manager

Seeing Linda at our conferences was such a treasured gift. She always illuminated the room and truly made a difference in the lives of so many others. My heartfelt condolences to all who loved her.

- Tammy Colter
Loving Memory of Linda Lombardo