In Loving Memory of Ron Lester

June 22, 2016

The ObesityHelp Team is deeply saddened by the passing of our friend Ron Lester.  Ron passed away on June 17th of kidney and liver failure after being taken off life support.  He was 45 years old.

Best known for his role as “Billy Bob” in the movie Varsity Blues, the actor and comedian also starred as Sugar Daddy in the WB's Popular, starred in Not Another Teen Movie, Freaks and Geeks, and appeared as a guest star in several TV sitcoms. Perhaps his most important role was that as a loving and caring son.

Ron was very close to his mother and left his acting career behind to care for her while she was terminally ill.  He believed that making the decision to have weight loss surgery allowed him to live a longer life and to able to care for his mother in her time of need.  And for that he was grateful.


I realize now that if I had not undergone bariatric surgery, I probably would not have been alive to take care of my mother. ~ Ron Lester

Ron was an OH Community member and shared his struggles with obesity in a cover story for OH Magazine and was a Keynote speaker at our ObesityHelp National Conference in 2008.  He underwent weight loss surgery in 2000 and lost an astonishing 348 pounds.  Ron also endured 17 plastic surgeries to remove excess skin. He fought a hard fight against obesity, and it was his goal to encourage, support and inspire others by sharing his journey.

Ron will be remembered as a very kind and funny man who always had time for his friends and fans.  We will hold our fond memories close to our hearts and remember him always.  He will be greatly missed.

Click here to read the OH Magazine Interview with Ron Lester.