Pizza Extravaganza

8 Must Try Pizza Recipes Under 200 Calories!

May 12, 2023

The invention of pizza dates back thousands of years and it has been enjoyed around the world by many cultures. In today's world, it is hard to meet someone that does not love the taste of pizza. As a matter of fact, pizza is one of the most popular foods and a staple in most homes. There are almost 700 types of pizza and each year that list grows. These 8 bariatric-friendly must try pizza recipes are a spin off of your traditional pizzas and we think you will enjoy them!

8 Must Try Pizza Recipes Under 200 Calories!


Mini Cauliflower-Crust Pepperoni Pizzas

Go ahead and put pizza night back on the meal plan with this low-carb alternative to traditional pizza, you're going to love these mini cauliflower-crust pepperoni pizzas!

Chicken Crusted Asian Veggie Pizza

From being a bariatric dietitian for 15 years, I've learned that bariatric eating doesn't require reinventing the wheel. Many times, you can take a recipe and adjust the ingredients to make it bariatric friendly, like I did with this Veggie Pizza.

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Pizza 3

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Pizza

If you want a spin from traditional pizza, check out this Loaded Buffalo Chicken Pizza & Cauliflower Crust Recipe. It brings together the flavor of buffalo chicken with a cauliflower crust for fantastic pizza.

Portobello Greek Pizza

Portobello Greek Pizza

This Portobello Greek Pizza recipe is one you can make for yourself or others too. Use it for a Meatless Monday, or for a light dinner, or even a delicious appetizer.

NEW Pizza Egg Mug 1

Pizza Egg Mug

Yes, you read the name of this recipe correctly - Pizza Egg Mug Recipe! It has the traditional flavors and ingredients of pizza. If you like mug recipes, this is a convenient and delicious one. In just 10 minutes, you'll have your breakfast (or anytime snack).

Zucchini Pizza Boats Recipe

This Zucchini Pizza Boats Recipe features a fresh zucchini that you split in half, then hollow it out down in the center to create a “boat” opening, then stuff it with some turkey pepperoni and other optional seasonings.

Protein Pizza Pepper Poppers - Protein Meets Pizza!

I first came across these Protein Pizza Pepper Poppers, an appetizer idea (for party food) many years ago, but quickly realized they were perfect as a bite-sized main meal option for post-ops and so used them extensively after my own surgery.

Flatbread Greek Pizza Recipe - Only 5 Ingredients!

This Flatbread Greek Pizza Recipe is low in calories, high in fiber, super hearty, and filling. When you want to assemble a fast and flavorful snack or meal that doesn't break the calorie bank, you can use low-carb flatbread.

Pizza Extravaganza
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