PatchMD Vitamin Patch Sale

PatchMD Vitamin Patch Sale for the ObesityHelp Community!

October 6, 2020

This post is sponsored by PatchMD.

ObesityHelp has connected with PatchMD to bring the Bariatric Community a PatchMD vitamin patch sale!

Topical Patches for Bariatric Patients

If you struggle with swallowing pills or endure nausea after taking vitamins, then topical patches might be a great solution for you. After a decade of research, PatchMD has created an entire line of topical vitamin patches that make your weight loss surgery lifestyle a whole lot easier.

They've made it easier to stay compliant with your vitamins after Bariatric Surgery, just apply the topical patch anywhere on the body that has little or no hair. It's that easy, just peel and stick! The patches are made with a hypoallergenic adhesive – this means that the tape is non-irritating to the human skin.

PatchMD Vitamin Patch Sale Details

As an ObesityHelp community member, you have access to exclusive pricing from OH2021 Platinum Sponsor, PatchMD. You can shop for vitamin patches for yourself, family, and friends.

All patches are $10-$13, and you can sign-up for a monthly subscription as well.
No coupon code is needed! 

To order at the ObesityHelp community exclusive prices, you must go through the ObesityHelp storefront, this discount does not apply on the normal PatchMD website. Upon ordering, the sale price is automatically applied, you will not need to enter a coupon code to get the PatchMD Vitamin Patch sale pricing.

PatchMD Vitamin Patch Sale - Top 8 Best Selling!

There are a total of 29 patches included in the PatchMD Vitamin Patch sale. Each packet of patches has a 30-Day Supply. Check out the top 8 best selling patches in the community!

Unfamiliar with topical patches?
Check out the FAQ and community reviews!