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Sit In Any Seat You Choose!

March 21, 2016

For many of us with obesity, the challenge of sitting in any type of seat we choose is a happens regularly. When we enter a restaurant, a friend or family member's dining room or other social settings, we have learned to quickly scan the area for the type of seat that will accommodate our size. It is a huge relief when we are able to fit comfortably in any seat we choose without concern. For WLS'ers, it is one of the most popular goals and non-scale victories.

The goal to "Fit comfortably in any seat I choose" is a popular goal in the ObesityHelp Goal System that OH members want to achieve and have accomplished! After our weight loss surgery, our bodies reduce in size and weight which allows us to sit in a lawn chair, movie theater seat, airplane seat and other seating accommodations without worrying about the fit and comfortability.

Is this one of your goals? Have you already achieved this?

JOIN THE GOAL: Fit comfortably in any seat I choose (lawnchair, movie theater, airplane etc.)!
ObesityHelp Community Goal: 594 set this as their goal! / 371 have achieved it!

Can't wait til I fly next time and don't have to worry about "spilling over"! ~ Juniper_Pixie

I fit in an airplane seat last week, and a theatre seat on Christmas day!!!  I no longer am afraid to sit down on chairs fearing the might give way. I will have to wait for summer to try out all of the lawn chairs, although I don't think I will have any problems again. ~ Christina F.

It is the BEST feeling! Any seat - any where - YAY! ~ sonatasmom1

As a frequent flyer, this is an important goal for me. ~ movis

It would be fabulous to be comfortable anywhere. ~ LadyScorpio3

Being able to sit comfortably in any seat you choose is a non-scale victory (NSV) and milestone worth celebrating! Congratulations to everyone that has set this goal, and those that have achieved it!

Commitment, Motivation, Encouragement, and Achievement

Increase your commitment and motivation by logging your goals! Sharing your goals or even posting them as a reminder just for yourself is a good way to help yourself get and stay on track with those things most important to you. By sharing your goals, you'll be able to encourage and cheer on other OH members and they'll be able to do the same for you!

If you've achieved this goal, we want to hear about it!  Please share your experience in the Comments area below so other OH members can celebrate with you and be inspired by your success!