Weight Loss Surgery Hospital Stay: What To Pack

February 21, 2013

Weight Loss Surgery Hospital Stay:  What To Pack

One of the most common questions pre-op weight loss surgery patients ask OH post-ops is:  "What should I pack for my hospital stay?"  Here is a list of some of the most recommended suggestions:

  1. Loose fitting clothes for the ride home (You may be a little swollen!)
  2. A pillow (To put over your stomach so that you can put your seat belt on after surgery, to place over your stomach when you need to cough)
  3. ChapStick
  4. Front zip sports bra
  5. A list of your medicines
  6. Open back Slippers (non-slip)
  7. iPod with headphones (or something to listen to during your recovery)
  8. A loose house robe to go around your hospital gown
  9. A good book
  10. Lotion
  11. Water bottle for the ride home
  12. Personal toiletries-toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, lotion, hairbrush, make-up and deodorant
  13. Earplugs (In case your roomie snores!)
  14. Insurance card
  15. Biotene mouth spray (For dry mouth)
  16. Cell phone and charger
  17. Gas-X
  18. Baby wipes
  19. Hair band
  20. A camera to take before pictures
  21. Extra underwear
  22. CPAP machine if you use one
  23. Reading glasses or prescription glasses
  24. Favorite photos that will comfort you
  25. Laptop or E-reader device

Of all the items in the list above, ChapStick is a must according to many WLS post-ops.   You should leave your jewelery and other expensive items at home.  Bringing a Laptop, iPod, and other electronics is usually not encouraged and many post-ops have commented that they were too sleepy and too busy walking to want to read, check email, and do other activities that don't involve personal care.

WLS post-ops...Is there anything you would add to this list?