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Your Survival Guide for Happy Healthy Holidays!

December 24, 2019

The ObesityHelp Team wishes a Happy Healthy Holidays season to all of the ObesityHelp Community members, visitors, and social media followers! We appreciate you, and we're grateful that we're making the journey together!

You've worked hard all year for your weight loss, weight maintenance, health improvements, and the many other weight loss surgery successes you've achieved. Don't let the short period of time during the Holidays derail your efforts. You've told us the important things that you need for support during the Holidays, which are emotional eating, how to manage stress, regain and to stay on track (or get back on track), addictions, delicious and nutritious recipes, and motivational support.

ObesityHelp is dedicated to providing the important information you've requested and put these resources for you to review

Healthy Holidays - Support for Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating After Weight Loss Surgery: What It Is and How To Conquer It - Emotional eating is an impulsive drive to push away uncomfortable emotions. It can be so instantaneous that the emotions turn off, and all we want to do is to eat. Learn how to distinguish emotional hunger from physical hunger, and tips to conquer emotional eating!

Tips to Understand and Reduce Emotional Eating - We have emotions all the time, but at the Holidays, they can be more intense and even more challenging to control. Read this article to understand what you're feeling and be able to handle your emotions without turning to food to cope!

Face Your Feelings Without Food - It can be difficult to experience our feelings without the self-medication and numbing that food gives to us. When you're aware of the emotions that cause you to turn to food, you're able to catch them and make a different choice than emotionally eating. Check out this article and the craving flowchart!

60 Ways to Avoid Emotional Eating - The urge to emotionally eat can sneak up on us in a nano-second. Be prepared ahead of time by knowing the things you can do to fight off the drive to emotionally eat. Print off this list or create your own with some of your favorite items from this article and add ones that will work for you!

Everyone Has a Hungry Heart - What Does Yours Want? - Have you ever been at a get-together surrounded by people and felt alone? That can happen at the Holidays especially. Your heart can hurt from a range of emotions such as loneliness, anger, depression, and many others. Find out how to feed your heart with what you truly need!

Healthy Holidays - Support to Manage Stress

10 Strategies To Combat Stress Eating After Bariatric Surgery - Stress plus eating over stress adds up to even more stress from compromising the weight loss from your surgery. In addition, stress eating isn't a healthy way to handle stress. Manage your stress with these ten non-food strategies and get to the root of your stress!

10 Tips for Battling Food (and Family) Over the Holidays - Managing Holiday stress can be a huge undertaking. There's food everywhere you turn, which can cause you to stress out. On top of food stress (what to eat, what not to eat), relationship interactions can be stressful as well. Be stronger than stress with these ten tips!

Holidays Without "Over" Doing It - It seems that our list of all the things we need to accomplish for the Holidays is never-ending. We can end up with lots of "overs" such as over-scheduling, over-spending, over-eating, and others, that we're ready for the Holidays to be over! Find out how to enjoy your Holidays, and be overly happy!

Don't Let Holiday Stress Hijack Your Healthy Lifestyle - You have the best intentions to enjoy the Holidays, with your healthy lifestyle solidly in place. Before you know it, someone makes an upsetting comment or dynamics that occur in a hurtful relationship. Read this article, so your healthy lifestyle isn't hijacked!

It Doesn't Have to be a Fight with Food Pushers - Those well-intentioned (or not!) food pushers that come with the Holidays can be tricky to handle. Let's face it, your favorite aunt wanting you to try her new dish can be hard to decline. Learn about those food pushers and examples of replies you can give to even the pushiest of food pushers!

Healthy Holidays - Support for Regain & to Stay On Track

Regain After WLS: It’s Not About Willpower, It’s About Strategy - Willpower can come and go and isn't the best way to lose weight regain. It's true, weight regain is frustrating, but keep in mind that you lost it before, and you can lose it again! Tackle regain head-on with these strategies that will create results and to avoid the roller coaster of willpower!

Weight Regain and the Return of Old Habits - Let's be real, during the Holidays, weight regain can happen, and those old pesky habits can creep back in. If this happens, YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Don't wait until Monday, New Year's, or some other date to get back on track and work on losing any regain. Read this article so you can do it today!

8 Ways to Enjoy Your Holidays and Stay On Track - With the eight tips in this article, you'll be able to enjoy your holidays and stay on track! It doesn't seem possible to do, but it is. By using these tips, you'll be able to make Holiday eating easier, and look back on the Holidays and be proud that you stayed on track!

Make a Plan Today to Control the Holiday Hunger Games - The Holidays seem to be a version of the Hunger Games. Food, food, and more food is everywhere. It sounds simple, but all you need is a plan. It will be your Holiday Plan for WLS Success! Check out how to easily make a plan with the helpful tips for maintaining control during the Holidays!

10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Gain - The average weight gain during the Holidays can be around eight pounds. Eight pounds! That average does not have to include you! Learn more about Holiday weight gain and the ten ways that you can avoid it. Celebrate your success as you welcome in the New Year!

Healthy Holidays - Support for Delicious & Nutritious Recipes

Crustless Protein Pumpkin Pie Recipe: 84 Calories & WLS-Friendly! - For many of us, Pumpkin Pie is a "must-have" for the Holidays. Try this recipe that takes the traditional pumpkin pie, gets rid of the carbs from the crust, and adds protein for a delicious low-carb, WLS-friendly addition to any celebration!

Delicious Holiday Inspired Protein Shake Recipes – 30g of Protein! - With these two recipes, you'll have the Holiday flavors you love without the sugar and excess calories, yet with the protein we need. You can indulge in these decadent protein shakes with 30 grams and 31 grams of protein respectively, and be satisfied and remorse-free!

French Onion Turkey Meatloaf Recipe, 20g Protein & 1g Carb - If you're looking for a meat entree different than turkey or ham, try this meatloaf recipe that is packed with flavor and only has one carb! You can skip the breadcrumbs, oats, or carb binder ingredients. Just pure deliciousness in a low-carb, healthy, protein-filled meatloaf!

Broccoli-Cheese Quiche Bites Recipe - This is one of those recipes that cooks up beautifully for a lovely presentation on your holiday table. It is nutritious and so delicious that no one will know it is healthy! Serve them as bite-sized appetizers or in larger pieces for a side dish. Whip up this recipe for a new Holiday favorite dish!

Layered Caramel Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding - Do you think dessert is out of the question for your Holiday meal?  This delicious pudding can be customized for your own preferences of thickness and sweetness. Make this yummy dessert for only 137 calories, with a whopping 16 grams of protein, and enjoy it without any guilt or remorse!

Healthy Holidays - Motivational Support

Keeping Yourself Motivated After Bariatric Surgery - Motivation is important but can be difficult to sustain every day. Staying motivated is key to reaching your weight loss and health goals after bariatric surgery. Understand what goes into motivation and five ways you can stay motivated with your WLS journey and use with any goal you set!

Battling Old Habits With Better New Habits - Habits interesting to examine. Some habits are positive and healthy, and other habits are not serving us well. After WLS, we need to nix the old habits and replace them with new, better habits. Take a look at how habits are created, how to use the Habit Loop to your advantage, and to be SMART!

Changing Your Mindset from Failure to Focus - Whether you've regained weight or taken a detour from your WLS journey, that dreaded feeling of failure can creep in. If you can relate to the feeling of failure, stop and think about if it is a failure or the need to change your focus. Forget any thoughts of failure as you focus on what is true for you!

15 Strategies for Long-Term Weight Loss Success - Having bariatric surgery isn't a magic fix. It requires commitment from us to lose our excess weight and maintain it long-term. Having a plan is important for any undertaking, including weight loss. Use these 15 strategies as a plan for your health and fulfillment long-term after WLS!

How to Find Motivation and 7 Ways to Keep It - Wouldn't it be easy if we could go to the store and buy a container of motivation right off the shelf? Motivation doesn't work that way, but do you know how it works? Find out about the types of motivation and seven helpful ways to keep it within yourself (without having to go to a store)!

Enjoy the Holidays in happy and healthy ways!

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